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🎃 This is a stable build of the v4 Bot Framework Emulator. 🎃

v4.6.0 - 2019 - 10 - 31


  • [main] Added End-to-End tests using Spectron in PR 1696
  • [main] New Conversation: send a single conversation update activity including bot and user as members added 1709
  • [app] Consolidated application state store and removed the need for explicit state synchronization between the main and renderer processes in PR 1721
  • [main] Added logging to OAuth signin link generation flow in PR 1745
  • [client] Added a context menu item and inspector button to allow copying an activity's JSON in PR 1801
  • [client] Implemented HTML app menu for Windows in PR 1893
  • [client/main] Added a new property, source, to the bot_open telemetry event to distinguish between bots opened via .bot file and via url, in PR 1937
  • [client] Bumped Web Chat to v4.6.0 in PR 1958


  • [main] Fixed bug where opening a chat via URL was sending two conversation updates in PR 1735

  • [main] Fixed an issue where the Emulator was incorrectly sending the conversation id instead of an emulated OAuth token in PR 1738

  • [client] Fixed an issue with the transcripts path input inside of the resource settings dialog in PR 1836

  • [client] Fixed various accessibility issues in PRs:

  • [client/main] Migrated from Bing Speech API to Cognitive Services Speech API in PR 1878

  • [client] Fixed issue with certain native browser functions (cut, copy, paste, etc.) firing twice in PR 1920

  • [client] Applied theming to InsetShadow component in PR 1922

  • [client] Bumped Web Chat to v4.5.3 in PR 1925

  • [client] Fixed issue that was causing Web Chat interactions to clear Adaptive Card content in PR 1930

  • [client] Bumped react & react-dom to ^16.8.6 to sync with Web Chat in PR 1939

  • [client] Fixed an issue with the <AutoComplete /> component so that it can now accept an empty string as an input in "controlled mode" in PR 1939

  • [tools] Adjusted e2e tests for recent updates to application DOM in PR 1941

  • [tools] Made e2e tests more reliable across different machines in PR 1944

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