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A central place to link to all the repositories of AI examples for Build 2022


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Microsoft Build 2022 - AI examples

This repository contains AI examples that aim to grow the understanding of using Microsoft AI toolsets in applications by providing samples of implementation and references to support the Microsoft Build conference in 2022.

Project Description
Codex for Minecraft Non-Player Characters Use Codex to generate code to power a non-player character (NPC) in Minecraft and accomplish a variety of in-game tasks.
Codex Command Line Interface Use Codex to convert natural language into commands in Bash, Z shell (zsh) and PowerShell.
Codex Babylon Use natural language to create and manipulate 3D objects in Babylon.js, from simple primitives to complex scenes.
Azure Search - Query Classification Leveraging large language models (LLMs) to enable semantic understanding with Azure Cognitive Search that improves the search experience.
ML.NET on Excel Bring your own ML.NET model to Excel.
Turtlebot3 Simulator with Bonsai Train reinforcement learning policies for Turtlebot3 using Microsoft Bonsai.
ONNX Runtime with Unreal Engine 5 Apply style transfer models in Unreal Engine 5 via the ONNX Neural Network Inference (NNI) plugin powered by ONNX Runtime.
Papiro Document Intelligence A conference intelligence application that uses intelligence APIs to showcase what might be done to support conferences with AI.
locutus GPT-2 Text Generation Demonstrate an end-to-end process within Azure Machine Learning to deploy the GPT-2 model from Hugging Face and fine-tuned it on the writings of Homer.

Statement of Purpose

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A central place to link to all the repositories of AI examples for Build 2022



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