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Flexvolume Kubernetes Plugins

Here are implementations of flexvolume in kubernetes for iSCSI and SMB. Also helps serve as a scaffolding for building future volume plugins in powershell on Windows.

For more info on Flexvolume see

Supported on version Kubernetes v1.9.9 or higher

Go to and download the latest

Extract into kubernetes volume plugin location on all Windows nodes, the default path is C:\usr\libexec\kubernetes\kubelet-plugins\volume\exec\ (in case of AKS path is C:\k\volumeplugins)

Deployment guide (source)

The default plugin folder location in a Windows kubernetes worker node is C:\usr\libexec\kubernetes\kubelet-plugins\volume\exec\ (in case of AKS path is C:\k\volumeplugins)

  • SMB
    • Copy plugins/ into the plugin folder
    • Copy plugins/ into the plugin folder
    • Build utils/iscsiHelper
      • If you do not have Visual Studio & Windows SDK see vs_build
      • copy produced iscsiHelper.exe into plugin folder/
    • Optionally create a pr.txt file in the current working directory that corresponds to that node's SCSI PR to use
      • If none is created a random one will be generated

See for more info.

To get logs for the plugin run Get-EventLog -LogName Application -Source Kube* -Newest 50 | %{$_.message}


See sample_yamls for information how to write Persistent Volumes.

  • SMB

    • This plugin allows you to use SMB shares.
    • Currently there is no storage fencing
      • The application must hold locks on the files they use
    • readOnly in flexVolume is ignored
      • to get readOnly behavior, specify volumeMounts when consuming volume
        • readOnly: true
  • iSCSI

    • Plugin allows you to consume iSCSI disks.
    • Provides fencing through the use of SCSI Persistent Reservations

Folder structure

  • plugins/
    • All powershell files needed for iscsi plugin
    • When deploying must add iscsiHelper.exe
  • plugins/
    • All files for smb plugin
  • sample_yamls
    • some yamls that demonstrate howto use the plugins
  • utils/scriptrunner
    • Serves as a basis for building plugins
    • These files are symlinked into plugin directories
  • utils/iscsiHelper
    • Contains a c++ commandline application that provides some storage features used by iscsi.cmd
  • vs_build
    • Setup a container with Visual Studio 2017 & SDK to build iscsiHelper.exe
      • This is optional, and just provided for ease of use.
      • Beware the produced image file is quite large 25+GB.
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