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Find file Copy path
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# Abort on Error
set -e
export PING_SLEEP=60s
export WORKDIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )"
export BUILD_OUTPUT=$WORKDIR/build.out
dump_output() {
echo Tailing the last 100 lines of output:
tail -100 $BUILD_OUTPUT
error_handler() {
echo ERROR: An error was encountered with the build.
exit 1
# If an error occurs, run our error handler to output a tail of the build
trap 'error_handler' ERR
# Set up a repeating loop to send some output to Travis.
bash -c "while true; do echo \$(date) - building ...; sleep $PING_SLEEP; done" &
# My build is using maven, but you could build anything with this, E.g.
python -m pytest -s -q tests/test_$ >> $BUILD_OUTPUT 2>&1
# The build finished without returning an error so dump a tail of the output
# nicely terminate the ping output loop
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