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Exchange vulnerability launching subprocesses through UMWorkerProcess

This query was originally published in the threat analytics report, "Exchange Server zero-days exploited in the wild".

In early March 2021, Microsoft released patches for four different zero-day vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft Exchange Server. The vulnerabilities were being used in a coordinated attack. For more information on the vulnerabilities, visit the following links:

The following query surfaces when unusual subprocesses were launched by MWorkerProcess, the Exchange Unified Messaging service. This might indicate exploitation of CVE-2021-26857 to run arbitrary code.

More queries related to this threat can be found under the See also section of this page.


| where InitiatingProcessFileName == "UMWorkerProcess.exe"
| where FileName !in~("wermgr.exe", "WerFault.exe")


This query can be used to detect the following attack techniques and tactics (see MITRE ATT&CK framework) or security configuration states.

Technique, tactic, or state Covered? (v=yes) Notes
Initial access
Execution v An unusually large number of events launching wermgr.exe and WerFault.exe can also indicate a compromise due to the server crashing during deserialization.
Privilege escalation
Defense evasion
Credential Access
Lateral movement
Command and control
Exploit v
Malware, component

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Contributor: Microsoft 365 Defender team