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NeuronBlocks Model Visualizer

In NeuronBlocks, a model visualizer is provided for visualization and configuration correctness checking, which helps users to visualize the model architecture easily during debugging.


Two libraries are needed for NeuronBlocks Model Visualizer: graphviz,

You can install them via pip:

pip install graphviz
pip install

Note: For Windows, please visit Graphviz Windows Packages to download graphviz, then install it and set the PATH variable.


Model Visualizer has 2 modes:

  • Command Line Mode: View model architecture via command line.
  • Browser Mode: Firstly build a model visualizer server, then view model architecture via a browser.

Command Line Mode

View model architecture via command line mode, by running:

python --conf_path ../model_zoo/demo/conf.json --graph_path ./graph


--conf_path: [necessary] Path of the input JSON config file.
--graph_path: [optional, default: './graph'] Path of the ouput model graph file.

You will get two file: graph.gv and graph.gv.svg. Open graph.gv.svg, then view the model architecture.

Browser Mode

Firstly, start Model Visualizer server:

cd server/
python 8080

Then, you can access a model visualizer in your browser. For Linux, visit http://<your_machine_ip>:8080 . For Windows, visit http://localhost:8080 .

Finally, input the JSON config in Config Json field, click Submit button, and get the model architecture.

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