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# Get Started
Please refer to []( and [Code documentation](
## <span id="installation">Installation</span>

*Note: NeuronBlocks is based on Python 3.6*

1. Clone this project.
git clone

2. Install Python packages in requirements.txt by the following command.
pip install -r requirements.txt

3. Install PyTorch (*NeuronBlocks supports PyTorch version 0.4.1 currently*).

For **Linux**, run the following command:
pip install torch==0.4.1

For **Windows**, we suggest you to install PyTorch via *Conda* by following the instruction of [PyTorch](

## <span id="quick-start">Quick Start</span>

Get started by trying the given examples.

*Tips: in the following instruction, PROJECTROOT denotes the root directory of this project.*

# get GloVe pre-trained word vectors
cd PROJECT_ROOT/dataset
# train
python --conf_path=model_zoo/demo/conf.json
# test
python --conf_path=model_zoo/demo/conf.json
# predict
python --conf_path=model_zoo/demo/conf.json

For more details, please refer to []( and [Code documentation](

# Contribute

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