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Manages, configures, extracts and monitors Office 365 tenant configurations
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DSC Resources Flow

This module allows organizations to automate the deployment, configuration, and monitoring of Office 365 Tenants via PowerShell Desired State Configuration. The compiled configuration needs to be executed from an agent's Local Configuration Manager (LCM) (machine or container) which can communicate back remotely to Office 365 via remote API calls (therefore requires internet connectivity)



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This is the branch containing the latest release - no contributions should be made directly to this branch.


Build status codecov

This is the development branch to which contributions should be proposed by contributors as pull requests. This development branch will periodically be merged to the master branch, and be released to PowerShell Gallery.

How to Install

In order to acquire the latest bits of the module from a machine that has internet connectivity, simply run the following PowerShell line:

Install-Module -Name Office365DSC -Force

Telemetry Disclaimer

Office365DSC captures Telemetry data about the names of the resources in which a configuration drift has been detected, along with the type of exceptions being thrown by errors in the various modules. While no sensitive data is ever being captured, App Insights which is used for the analytics of the Telemetry, does capture information about the city where the telemetry entries where captured from by default. Users can opt out to prevent telemetry to be sent back to the Office365DSC team by running the following command:

Set-O365DSCTelemetryOption -Enabled $False
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