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Use metadata to generate entity diagrams

Visual representation of metadata can be very useful, especially when you are trying to describe the relationship between entities in the system. You can use the Metadata Diagram program to generate entity relationship diagrams. You can create a simple diagram that shows a relationship for just one entity, or a complex diagram that includes dozens of related entities, including custom and system entities.


  1. Download and install Microsoft Visio.

How to run this sample

See How to run samples for information about how to run this sample.

You can specify a list of entity names on the command line when executing the program to generate a diagram containing those entities. For example: % MetadataDiagram.exe account contact

NOTE: The generated entity diagrams can be found at bin/Debug folder.

What this sample does

This sample shows two new custom entities created in Common Data Service. The first entity represents a bank account and the second entity represents a safe deposit box. The following entity diagram was generated by using the Metadata Diagram tool. It shows the relationship between the new_bankaccount entity, the new_safedepositbox entity, and other entities in the system. The names shown are the logical entity names. If there are multiple relationships between the same two entities, only one line is drawn in the diagram for simplicity. More information: Use metadata to generate entity diagram

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