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App Owns Data samples

Read this documentation to prepare your environment

Choose Auth Method

In web.config:

  • For authentication with master user credential choose MasterUser as AuthenticationType.

  • For authentication with app secret choose ServicePrincipal as AuthenticationType (Preview).

More details here:

To embed reports, dashboards and tiles, the following details must be specified within web.config:

Detail Description
applicationId Id of the AAD application registered as a NATIVE app.
workspaceId The group or workspace Id in Power BI containing the reports, dashboards and tiles you want to embed.
pbiUsername A Power BI username (e.g. Email). The user must be an admin of the group above. (For Master User Only)
pbiPassword The password of the Power BI user above. (For Master User Only)
applicationSecret Seecret Key of the AAD application registered as a NATIVE app. (For Service Principal Only)
tenant Tenant Id of the Apllication . (For Service Principal Only)


For security reasons, in a real application, the user and password and app secret should not be saved in web.config. Instead, consider securing credentials with an application such as KeyVault.

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