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This file captures the prioritized list of issues the FancyZones team will tackle

On deck

Implement multi-mon editor support 195
Add telemetry to new editor 196


Add tests to the new editor 197
Hitting Esc while dragging should cancel the drag and not move the window into a zone 170
Flash Zones is wayyyy too slow with multiple large monitors 167
Cycle through windows in a Zone 175
Minimize/restore windows in a zone as a group 174
FancyZones should support custom layouts for different "environments" 177
Win+arrow works between monitors 161
Win+arrow is directional based on zone rect 162
Dragging a zoned window should restore size to a checkpointed size instead of current rect 166
FancyZones should merge with MTND and include zone moves in the pop-up 178
Drag to edge of screen automatically switches virtual desktops 168
Different color schemes 165
Ensure you can easily see zone while dragging 163
Visual updates for Win+Arrow 171
Add a CLI for FancyZones 180
Add "magnetic dragging and resizing" mode to FancyZones 181
Create layout from current windows 159
Zone sets that have a dynamic number of zones 160

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