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@crutkas crutkas released this Oct 29, 2019 · 55 commits to master since this release

New Utility:

  • PowerRename


  • Microsoft signed binaries and installer
  • Dark Mode for the Settings and for ShortcutGuide
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the PT Settings to be opened on some Windows configurations.
  • Various improvements for other UI/UX bugs.


  • Editor now supports multi-monitor
  • Hotkey to open FZ Editor is now configurable (Win+~ was unavailable on several non-US keyboards)
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing from activating zones for applications with custom title bars
  • FZ Editor can now be used on small screens
  • Improved zone activation when dragging a window, smaller zones have precedence over larger zone (community contribution)
  • Fixed a crashing bug in FZ on some localized version of Windows (community contribution)
  • Fixed bug preventing from resizing zone when zone edge is on the right or bottom screen edge
  • Fixed bug that was causing the task bar and other special system windows to be snapped into zones
  • Improved application detection for FZ history
  • Change a FZ default settings to avoid interfering with full screen applications.
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