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Q# State Visualizer

This sample lets you interactively step through the execution of a Q# program. It shows the tree of operation calls and a visualization of the quantum state after each operation. You can also go back to previous states by clicking the "Previous" button or by clicking on a previous operation in the list.

Note that since this sample relies on the quantum simulator for information about the program execution, it can only step through quantum operations, not classical functions.

You can read more about this sample in this blog post.

Running the Sample

Install Node.js and the .NET Core SDK if you do not already have them installed.

Then install the dependencies and build the TypeScript component:

npm install
npm run release

Finally, start the dotnet host application:

dotnet run

This will launch a web server running the state visualizer. Open http://localhost:5000 in a web browser to use it.

Editing the Q# Program

To change the Q# program that is executed by the state visualizer, edit the Program.qs file. The visualizer will start the program by running the QsMain operation.

Restart the visualizer by running the dotnet run command again to see the new program.