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ShaderConductor is a tool designed for cross-compiling HLSL to other shading languages
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gongminmin Enable to build x86, arm, and arm64 binaries as well
When cross compiling arm or arm64 configurations, a built x64 or x86 clang-tblgen and llvm-tblgen are required.

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ShaderConductor is a tool designed for cross-compiling HLSL to other shading languages.


  • Converts HLSL to readable, usable and efficient GLSL
  • Converts HLSL to readable, usable and efficient ESSL
  • Converts HLSL to readable, usable and efficient Metal Shading Language (MSL)
  • Converts HLSL to readable, usable and efficient old shader model HLSL
  • Supports all stages of shaders, vertex, pixel, hull, domain, geometry, and compute.

Note that this project is still in an early stage, and it is under active development.


ShaderConductor is not a real compiler. Instead, it glues existing open source components to do the cross-compiling.

  1. DirectX Shader Compiler to compile HLSL to DXIL or SPIR-V,
  2. SPIRV-Cross to convert SPIR-V to target shading languages.



  • Git. Put git into the PATH is recommended.
  • Visual Studio 2017. Select the following workloads: Universal Windows Platform Development and Desktop Development with C++.
  • CMake. Version 3.9 or up. It's highly recommended to choose "Add CMake to the system PATH for all users" during installation.
  • Python. Version 2.7 or up. You need not change your PATH variable during installation.


ShaderConductor has been tested on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

The script way: <BuildSystem> <Compiler> <Architecture> <Configuration>


  • <BuildSystem> can be ninja or vs2017. Default is vs2017.
  • <Compiler> can be vc141 on Windows, gcc or clang on Linux, clang on macOS.
  • <Architecture> must be x64 (for now).
  • <Configuration> can be Debug, Release, RelWithDebInfo, or MinSizeRel. Default is Release.

This script automatically grabs external dependencies to External folder, generates project file in Build/<BuildSystem>-<Compiler>-<Platform>-<Architecture>[-<Configuration>], and builds it.

The manual way:

  mkdir Build
  cd Build
  cmake -G "Visual Studio 15" -T host=x64 -A x64 ../
  cmake --build .

After building, the output file ShaderConductor.dll can be located in <YourCMakeTargetFolder>/Bin/<Configuration>/. It depends on dxcompiler.dll in the same folder.


You can download the prebuilt binaries generated by CI system. Currently, artifacts for Windows, Linux, macOS are published every commit.


ShaderConductor is distributed under the terms of MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

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