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This project is retired, archived, and no longer supported. You are welcome to continue to use and fork the repository.

For the latest sample references visit: &

SmartHotel360 Reference Apps

We are happy to announce the release of SmartHotel360. This release intends to share a simplified version of SmartHotel360 reference sample apps used at Connect(); 2017 Keynotes.

SmartHotel360 is a fictitious smart hospitality company showcasing the future of connected travel.

Their vision is to provide:

  • Intelligent, conversational, and personalized apps and experiences to guests
  • Modern workplace experiences and smart conference rooms for business travelers
  • Real-time customer and business insights for hotel managers & investors
  • Unified analytics and package deal recommendations for campaign managers.

There’s never been a better time to be a developer. Our intent with these set of reference apps is to show developers how to get started with Azure and build the apps of the future, today!


For this reference app scenario, we built several consumer and line-of-business apps and an Azure backend. You can find all SmartHotel360 repos in the following locations:

Application Diagram

Application Screens

Sign Up for Microsoft Azure

You will need an Azure subscription to work with this demo code. You can:

  • Open an account for free Azure subscription. You get credits that can be used to try out paid Azure services. Even after the credits are used up, you can keep the account and use free Azure services and features, such as the Web Apps feature in Azure App Service.
  • Activate Visual Studio subscriber benefits. Your Visual Studio subscription gives you credits every month that you can use for paid Azure services.
  • Create an Azure student account and get free credit when you create your account.

Learn more about it with Microsoft Learn - Introduction to Azure.

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