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Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct.



The source codes of the paper "Transformer-XH: Multi-evidence Reasoning with Extra Hop Attention (ICLR 2020)".

Dependency Installation

Run python develop to install required dependencies for transformer-xh.

Data and trained model Download

You can run bash script

For Hotpot QA, we provide processed graph (Transformer-XH) input here, after downloading, unzip it and put into ./data folder We also provide trained model here, unzip the downloaded model and put into ./experiments folder

Similarly, we provide processed graph in fever here, and trained model here.

Run Your Models

Use for training on hotpot QA task, for evaluation (default fp16 training).

Similarly, for training on FEVER task, for evaluation (default fp16 training).


If you have questions, suggestions and bug reports, please email and/or

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