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API Breaking Changes

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TypeScript 4.2

  • visitNode's lift Takes a readonly Node[] Instead of a NodeArray<Node>

    The lift function in the visitNode API now takes a readonly Node[]. You can see details of the change here.

TypeScript 4.1

  • Type Arguments in JavaScript Are Not Parsed as Type Arguments

    Type arguments were already not allowed in JavaScript, but in TypeScript 4.1, the parser will parse them in a more spec-compliant way. So when writing the following code in a JavaScript file:


    TypeScript will parse it as the following JavaScript:

    (f < T) > (100)

    This may impact you if you were leveraging TypeScript's API to parse type constructs in JavaScript files, which may have occurred when trying to parse Flow files.

    See more details here.

TypeScript 4.0

  • TypeScript provides a set of "factory" functions for producing syntax tree nodes; however, TypeScript 4.0 provides a new node factory API. For TypeScript 4.0 we've made the decision to deprecate these older functions in favor of the new ones. For more details, read up on the relevant pull request for this change.

  • TupleTypeNode.elementTypes renamed to TupleTypeNode.elements.

  • KeywordTypeNode is no longer used to represent this and null types. null now gets a LiteralTypeNode, this now always gets a ThisTypeNode.

  • TypeChecker.typeToTypeNode now correctly produces a LiteralTypeNode for true and false types, which matches the behavior in the parser. Prior to this the checker was incorrectly returning the true and false tokens themselves, which are indistinguishable from expressions when traversing a tree.

TypeScript 3.8

  • The mutable property disableIncrementalParsing has been removed. It was untested and, at least on GitHub, unused by anyone. Incremental parsing can no longer be disabled.

TypeScript 3.7

  • the typeArguments property has been removed from the TypeReference interface, and the getTypeArguments method on TypeChecker instances should be used instead. This change was necessary to defer resolution of type arguments in order to support recursive type references.

    As a workaround, you can define a helper function to support multiple versions of TypeScript.

    function getTypeArguments(checker: ts.TypeChecker, typeRef: ts.TypeReference) {
        return checker.getTypeArguments?.(typeRef) ?? (typeRef as any).typeArguments;

TypeScript 3.1

  • SymbolFlags.JSContainer has been renamed to SymbolFlags.Assignment to reflect that Typescript now supports expando assignments to functions.

TypeScript 3.0

  • The deprecated internal method LanguageService#getSourceFile has been removed. See #24540.
  • The deprecated function TypeChecker#getSymbolDisplayBuilder and associated interfaces have been removed. See #25331. The emitter and node builder should be used instead.
  • The deprecated functions escapeIdentifier and unescapeIdentifier have been removed. Due to changing how the identifier name API worked in general, they have been identity functions for a few releases, so if you need your code to behave the same way, simply removing the calls should be sufficient. Alternatively, the typesafe escapeLeadingUnderscores and unescapeLeadingUnderscores should be used if the types indicate they are required (as they are used to convert to or from branded __String and string types).
  • The TypeChecker#getSuggestionForNonexistentProperty, TypeChecker#getSuggestionForNonexistentSymbol, and TypeChecker#getSuggestionForNonexistentModule methods have been made internal, and are no longer part of our public API. See #25520.

TypeScript 2.8

  • getJsxIntrinsicTagNames has been removed and replaced with getJsxIntrinsicTagNamesAt, which requires a node to use as the location to look up the valid intrinsic names at (to handle locally-scoped JSX namespaces).

TypeScript 2.6

  • Some services methods (getCompletionEntryDetails and getCompletionEntrySymbols) have additional parameters. Plugins that wrap the language service must pass these parameters along to the original implementation. See #19507

TypeScript 2.5

  •, Symbol.getName(), and Identifier.text are all now of type __String. This is a special branded string to help track where strings are appropriately escaped and prevent their misuse. escapeIdentifier and unescapeIdentifier has been renamed to escapeLeadingUnderscores and unescapeLeadingUnderscores and had their types updated accordingly. Deprecated versions of escapeIdentifier and unescapeIdentifier still exist with the old name and type signature, however they will be removed in a future version. See #16915.

TypeScript 2.4

  • The following types/namespaces are now string enums: ts.Extension, ts.ScriptElementKind, ts.HighlightSpanKind, ts.ClassificationTypeNames, protocol.CommandTypes, protocol.IndentStyle, protocol.JsxEmit, protocol.ModuleKind, protocol.ModuleResolutionKind, protocol.NewLineKind, and protocol.ScriptTarget. Also, ts.CommandNames is now an alias for protocol.CommandTypes. See #15966 and #16425.

  • The type EnumLiteralType was removed and LiteralType is used instead. LiteralType also replaces .text with a .value which may be either a number or string. See String valued members in enums.

  • Declaration does not have a name property. TypeScript now recognize assignments in .js files as declarations in certain contexts, e.g. func.prototype.method = function() {..} will be a declaration of member method on func. As a result Declaration is not guaranteed to have a name property as before. A new type was introduced NamedDeclaration to take the place of Declaration, and Declaration moved to be the base type of both NamedDeclaration and BinaryExpression. Casting to NamedDeclaration should be safe for non .js declarations. See #15594 for more details.

TypeScript 2.2

  • ts.Map<T> is now a native Map<string, T> or a shim. This affects the SymbolTable type, exposed by Symbol.members, Symbol.exports, and Symbol.globalExports.

TypeScript 2.1

TypeScript 1.9

TypeScript 1.7

  • ts.parseConfigFile has been renamed to ts.parseJsonConfigFileContent

TypeScript 1.6

CompilerHost interface change (comparing to TypeScript 1.6 beta)

  • return type of CompilerHost.resolveModuleNames was changed from string[] to ResolvedModule[]. Extra optional property isExternalLibraryImport in ResolvedModule interface denotes if Program should apply some particular set of policies to the resolved file. For example if Node resolver has resolved non-relative module name to the file in 'node_modules', then this file:

    • should be a 'd.ts' file
    • should be an external module
    • should not contain tripleslash references.

    Rationale: files containing external typings should not pollute global scope (to avoid conflicts between different versions of the same package). Also such files should never be added to the list of compiled files (otherwise compiled .ts file might overwrite actual .js file with implementation of the package)

TypeScript 1.5

Program interface changes

  • TypeChecker.emitFiles is no longer available; use Program.emit instead.
  • Getting diagnostics are now all centralized on Program,
    • for Syntactic diagnostics for a single file use: Program.getSyntacticDiagnostics(sourceFile)
    • for Syntactic diagnostics for all files use: Program.getSyntacticDiagnostics()
    • for Semantic diagnostics for a single file use: Program.getSemanticDiagnostics(sourceFile)
    • for Semantic diagnostics for all files use: Program.getSemanticDiagnostics()
    • for compiler options and global diagnostics use: Program.getGlobalDiagnostics()

Tip: use ts.getPreEmitDiagnostics(program) to get syntactic, semantic, and global diagnostics for all files

All usages of 'filename' and 'Filename' changed to 'fileName' and 'FileName'

Here are the details:

  • CompilerHost.getDefaultLibFilename => CompilerHost.getDefaultLibFileName
  • SourceFile.filename => SourceFile.fileName
  • FileReference.filename => FileReference.fileName
  • LanguageServiceHost.getDefaultLibFilename => LanguageServiceHost.getDefaultLibFileName
  • LanguageServiceShimHost.getDefaultLibFilename => LanguageServiceShimHost.getDefaultLibFileName

The full list of APIs can be found in this commit

The syntacticClassifierAbsent parameter for the Classifier.getClassificationsForLine is now required

See Pull Request #2051 for more details.

Changes to TextChange

TextChange.start and TextChange.length became properties instead of methods.


SourceFile.getLineAndCharacterFromPosition became SourceFile.getLineAndCharacterOfPosition

APIs made internal as they are not intended for use outside of the compiler

We did some cleanup to the public interfaces, here is the full list of changes:

typescript_internal.d.ts and typescriptServices_internal.d.ts have been removed

The two files exposed helpers in the past that were not part of the supported TypeScript API. If you were using any of these APIs please file an issue to re-expose them; requests for exposing helper APIs will be triaged on a case-by-case basis.

For more information please see the full change.

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