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@tyhicks tyhicks released this 05 Oct 22:28
· 4197 commits to linux-msft-wsl-5.10.y since this release
  • Release rolling-lts/wsl/
  • Update to upstream stable kernel release 5.10.60
  • Enable virtio-pmem with support for PCI BAR-relative addresses
  • Enable vPCI support under Hyper-V for arm64
  • Enable io_uring support
  • Enable USB over IP support
  • Enable paravirtualized spinlock support for x86_64
  • Refresh dxgkrnl driver to pick up bug fixes and code cleanups
  • Enable NFS client support for NFSv4.1
  • Enable USB kernel configuration options for interacting with an Arduino over USB
  • Provide a WSL2-specific