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NotepadTest is a sample test project that runs and validates basic UI scenarios on Windows 10 built-in Notepad application. This sample depicts a typical test project that is written for a classic windows application built using Win32, DirectUI, WPF, etc. You can use this as a template for writing your test project.

In addition to the Notepad application primary session, this sample uses Windows Explorer as a secondary session to verify file creation and help clean up file artifact.

This test project highlights some common interactions below that can be put together to perform and verify various UI scenario on a classic app.

  • Creating a classic windows app session
  • Interacting with menu item
  • Sending keyboard input to a text box
  • Sending keyboard shortcut
  • Using secondary session


  • Windows 10 PC with the latest Windows 10 version (Version 1809 or later)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or later

Getting Started

  1. Run WinAppDriver.exe on the test device
  2. Open NotepadTest.sln in Visual Studio
  3. Select Build > Rebuild Solution
  4. Select Test > Windows > Test Explorer
  5. Select Run All on the test pane or through menu Test > Run > All Tests

Once the project is successfully built, you can use the TestExplorer to pick and choose the test scenario(s) to run

If Visual Studio fail to discover and run the test scenarios:

  1. Select Tools > Options... > Test
  2. Under Active Solution, uncheck For improved performance, only use test adapters in test assembly folder or as specified in runsettings file

Adding/Updating Test Scenario

Please follow the guidelines below to maintain test reliability and conciseness:

  1. Maintain original state after test runs and keep clean state in between tests when possible
  2. Only add tests that provide additional value to the sample
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