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Welcome to the WinAppDriver Wiki. The Wiki will act as a nexus for information, guides, and other documentation surrounding the WinAppDriver project, and will continue to grow to address common community requests.

Getting Started

System Requirements

  • PC Running Windows 10
  • Any Appium test runner (Samples and Tests in this repository use Microsoft Visual Studio as the test runner)

Installing and Running Windows Application Driver

  1. Download Windows Application Driver installer from
  2. Run the installer on a Windows 10 machine where your application under test is installed and will be tested
  3. Run WinAppDriver.exe from the installation directory (E.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Application Driver)

Windows Application Driver will then be running on the test machine listening to requests on the default IP address and port ( You can then run any of our Tests or Samples. WinAppDriver.exe can be configured to listen to a different IP address and port as follows:

For answers to common questions and/or best practices in using WinAppDriver, please refer to our updated FAQ.

Authoring an Automation Script

Now that you've successfully installed WinAppDriver, you can get started with authoring your own test script.

Learn More

For additional background information around WinAppDriver - please check out the following videos:

Requests & Feedback

For requests on additional content to added on the Wiki, feel free to post your suggestions on the issues board.

We highly encourage community generated content. If you have your own documentation, guides, samples, etc. that you would like to see added to the Wiki, please do reach out to us on that as well - we will be more than happy to peer review and publish anything relevant and constructive to the project.


Follow us on Twitter as well for the latest information regarding WinAppDriver!

For cases where the issues board may not be ideal, feel free to reach out to us using the following email addresses: or

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