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@xabldint xabldint released this Sep 24, 2019

Version 2.4.0

App Center

  • [Feature] App Center now supports Carthage integration.

App Center Auth

  • [Fix] Fix token storage initialization if services are started via [MSAppCenter startService:] method.
  • [Fix] Redirect URIs are now hidden in logs.
  • [Fix] Fix interactive sign in on iOS 13. Temporary fix, will be revisited in the future.
  • [Feature] Updated the Microsoft Authentication Library dependency to v0.7.0.

App Center Analytics

  • [Fix] Fix crash involving SDK's ms_viewWillAppear method.

App Center Data

  • [Breaking change] Rename delegate method data:didCompletePendingOperation:forDocument:withError: from MSRemoteOperationDelegate to data:didCompleteRemoteOperation:forDocumentMetadata:withError:.
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