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Azure Pipelines Agent 🚀
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Azure Pipelines Agent


The cross-platform build and release agent for Azure Pipelines and Team Foundation Server 2015 and beyond. This replaced the deprecated closed source windows build agent and the previous cross-platform agent.

Supported on Windows, macOS, and several Linux flavors. Written for .NET Core in C#.


Build & Test
Win-x64 Windows x64 Build & Test
Win-x86 Windows x86 Build & Test
macOS macOS Build & Test
Linux-x64 Linux x64 Build & Test
Linux-arm Linux ARM Build & Test
RHEL6-x64 RHEL 6 x64 Build & Test

Get the Agent

Get started with the agent.

Supported Usage

This agent can be used for Azure Pipelines, Azure DevOps Server 2019+, and TFS 2017+. It also replaces the Node-based agent for TFS 2015.

Scenario Mac/Linux Windows Comment
Azure Pipelines Yes Yes
TFS2015 (onprem) Yes No Windows use agent with 2015
TFS2017 (onprem) Yes Yes
TFS2018 (onprem) Yes Yes


Troubleshooting tips are located here


For developers that want to contribute, read here on how to build and test.


We accept issue reports both here (file a GitHub issue) and in Developer Community.

Do you think there might be a security issue? Have you been phished or identified a security vulnerability? Please don't report it here - let us know by sending an email to

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