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List of Extensions

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Azure Data Studio Extensions

If you are having problems accessing the Extensions Manager on Azure Data Studio, feel free to download the extension you need here.

Extensions List

Name Link Description
SQL Server Agent VSIX Manage and troubleshoot SQL Agent jobs (early preview)
whoisactive VSIX sp_whoisactive for Azure Data Studio
Server Reports VSIX Server Reports for Azure Data Studio provides server health insights
SSMS Keymap Github This extension ports popular SSMS keyboard shortcuts to Azure Data Studio
Redgate SQL Search Download page Search across multiple databases
AlwaysOn Insights Github SQL Server AlwaysOn insights
MSSQL Instance Insights Github Sql Server Instance insights
MSSQL Db Insights Github Sql Server Database insights
SQL Server Profiler VSIX SQL Server Profiler for Azure Data Studio
Azure SQL Data Warehouse Insights VSIX Azure SQL Data Warehouse Insights for Azure Data Studio
Combine Scripts Github Create a single combined script from several files.

Download Steps

  1. Download VSIX package on this page.
  2. Open Azure Data Studio, click File, and click Install Extension from VSIX Package. Select the extension you would like.

install vsix

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