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the sunniest version bumping tool


git and a remote named "origin"


beachball [command] [options]


change (default)

a tool to help create change files in the change/ folder

checks whether a change file is needed for this branch

bumps versions as well as generating changelogs

bumps, publishes to npm registry (optionally does dist-tags), and pushes changelogs back into the default branch

synchronizes published versions of packages from a registry, makes local package.json changes to match what is published


Some of the most common options are summarized below. For details, see the pages for CLI options and config file options.

--config, -c

Explicit configuration file to use instead of the configuration automatically detected by cosmicconfig.

--registry, -r

registry, defaults to

--tag, -t

  • for the publish command: dist-tag for npm publishes
  • for the sync command: will use specified tag to set the version

--branch, -b

target branch from origin (default: as configured in 'git config init.defaultBranch')

--message, -m

custom message for the checkin (default: applying package updates)


skip pushing changes back to git remote origin


skip publishing to the npm registry

--help, -?, -h

show help message

--yes, -y

skips the prompts for publish


  $ beachball

  $ beachball check

  $ beachball publish -r http://localhost:4873 -t beta