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// +build amd64 arm64 386
package etw
import (
// NewProviderWithID creates and registers a new ETW provider, allowing the
// provider ID to be manually specified. This is most useful when there is an
// existing provider ID that must be used to conform to existing diagnostic
// infrastructure.
func NewProviderWithID(name string, id guid.GUID, callback EnableCallback) (provider *Provider, err error) {
providerCallbackOnce.Do(func() {
globalProviderCallback = windows.NewCallback(providerCallbackAdapter)
provider = providers.newProvider()
defer func(provider *Provider) {
if err != nil {
provider.ID = id
provider.callback = callback
if err := eventRegister((*windows.GUID)(&provider.ID), globalProviderCallback, uintptr(provider.index), &provider.handle); err != nil {
return nil, err
metadata := &bytes.Buffer{}
binary.Write(metadata, binary.LittleEndian, uint16(0)) // Write empty size for buffer (to update later)
metadata.WriteByte(0) // Null terminator for name
binary.LittleEndian.PutUint16(metadata.Bytes(), uint16(metadata.Len())) // Update the size at the beginning of the buffer
provider.metadata = metadata.Bytes()
if err := eventSetInformation(
uint32(len(provider.metadata))); err != nil {
return nil, err
return provider, nil
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