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A set of gulp-core-build tasks for building TypeScript code.

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This collection of tasks is designed to be used with a gulp-core-build based build setup. It abstracts the TypeScript based build tasks used to build typescript code.

The tasks exported are:

  • typescript - The task for building TypeScript into JavaScript.
  • tslint - The task for linting the TypeScript code.
  • text - Converts text files into JavaScript.

To use these tasks in your build setup, simply import the package and add the task to a build task group.

import { task, serial, parallel, watch, CopyTask, IExecutable } from '@microsoft/gulp-core-build';
import { typescript, tslint, text } from '@microsoft/gulp-core-build-typescript';

export * from '@microsoft/gulp-core-build';
export * from '@microsoft/gulp-core-build-typescript';

// Examples of creating some copy tasks to be run pre/post build.
export const preCopy: CopyTask = new CopyTask(); = 'pre-copy';

export const postCopy: CopyTask = new CopyTask(); = 'post-copy';

// Define a task group.
task('build', serial(preCopy, parallel(tslint, typescript, text), postCopy));

Some examples of build packages that use this task:

Configuring task options

Use the standard "setConfig" method on task instances to set their configuration options. Example:

import { typescript } from '@microsoft/gulp-core-build-typescript';

  typescript: require('typescript')

typescript task options

See the ITypeScriptTaskConfig interface for the definition.

  • failBuildOnErrors (boolean, default: true) - Fails the build when errors occur.
  • sourceMatch (string[]) - Glob matches for files to be included in the build.
  • staticMatch (string[]) - Files that should by passed through (copied) to the build output.
  • reporter - Custom TypeScript reporter.
  • typescript - Optional override of the typescript compiler. Set this to the result of require('typescript').

tslint task options

See the ITSLintTaskConfig interface for the definition.

  • lintConfig (Object) - The tslint configuration object.
  • rulesDirectory (string | string[]) - Directories to search for custom linter rules
  • sourceMatch (string[]) - Provides the glob matches for files to be analyzed.
  • reporter ((result: lintTypes.LintResult, file: gutil.File, options: ITSLintTaskConfig) => void;) - A function which reports errors to the proper location. Defaults to using the base GulpTask's this.fileError() function.
  • displayAsWarning (boolean, default: false) - If true, displays warnings as errors. If the reporter function is overwritten, it should reference
  • remoteExistingRules (boolean, default: false) - If true, the lintConfig rules which were previously set will be removed. This flag is useful for ensuring that there are no rules activated from previous calls to setConfig().
  • useDefaultConfigAsBase (boolean, default: true) - If false, does not use a default tslint configuration as the basis for creating the list of active rules.

text task options

See the ITextTaskConfig interface for the definition.

  • textMatch (string[]) - Glob matches for files that should be converted into modules.

Related projects

@microsoft/gulp-core-build - An abstraction around gulp that adds simplified serial/parallel task execution and a formal base task interface.

typescript - The TypeScript compiler.