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AIML20: Using Pre-Built AI to Solve Business Challenges

This is the repository supporting the Microsoft Ignite 2019 and Microsoft Ignite the Tour 2019-2020 talk, "Using Pre-Built AI to Solve Business Challenges". Here you will find links to the resources mentioned in the talk, and the code and scripts you will need to recreate the demos given in the talk.

Session Abstract

Using Pre-Built AI to Solve Business Challenges

Abstract: As a data-driven company, Tailwind Traders understands the importance of using Artificial Intelligence to improve business processes and delight customers. Before investing in an AI team, their existing developers were able to demonstrate some quick wins using pre-built AI technologies. In this session, we will show how you can use Azure Cognitive Services to extract insights from retail data. We’ll go into the neural networks behind computer vision, and show how you can augment the pre-built AI with your own images for custom image recognition applications.

Table of Content

Resources Links
PowerPoint - Presentation
Videos - Dry Run Rehearsal
- Microsoft Ignite Orlando Recording
Demos - Demo 1 - Setup
- Demo 2 - Computer Vision
- Demo 3 - Custom Vision
- Demo 4 - ONNX Deployment
- Demo 5 - Personalizer

Download the slides for the AIML20 presentation here. (Use the first link for the latest version.) The slides are in PPT format and include detailed speaker notes and embedded demo videos.

Short-link to these resources:

Resources for presenters of this talk are also provided.

Technologies used

Other resources mentioned in talk

Azure Cognitive Services docs and apps

Cognitive Services information


Follow the links below for details on how to recreate the demos given in the talk. You will need an Azure Subscription to run these demos; if you don't have one yet, here is a link for $200 Free Azure Credits for new subscribers.

  1. Setup: Create accounts and deploy and configure resources to support the demos below. Follow these instructions before attempting any of the demos below.

  2. Computer Vision: Use Cognitive Services Computer Vision to analyze an image, via a web application and via the Azure CLI.

  3. Custom Vision: Create a custom vision model to detect only products sold by Tailwind Traders.

  4. ONNX Deployment: Deploy a custom vision model in the ONNX format to the Tailwind Traders website "Shop by Photo feature

  5. Personalizer: Dynamically reconfigure the layout of the "Recommended" section of the Tailwind Traders website, to optimize likelihood of an anonymous visitor clicking on the "featured" product.

Feedback Loop

Do you have a comment, feedback, suggestion? The best feedback loop for content changes/suggestions/feedback is to create a new issue on this GitHub repository. To get all the details about how to create an issue please refer to the Contributing docs

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