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Machine Learning Operations – Applying DevOps to Data Science

Session Abstract

While many companies have adopted DevOps practices to improve their software delivery, these same techniques are rarely applied to machine learning projects. Collaboration between developers and data scientists can be limited and deploying models to production in a consistent and trustworthy way is often a pipedream.

In this session, you’ll learn how to apply DevOps practices to your machine learning projects using Azure DevOps and Azure Machine Learning Service. We’ll set up automated training, scoring, and storage of versioned models and wrap the models in docker containers and deploy them to Azure Container Instances and Azure Kubernetes Service. We’ll even collect continuous feedback on model behavior so we know when to retrain.

Table of Content

Resources Links
PowerPoint - Presentation
Videos - Dry Run Rehearsal
- Microsoft Ignite Orlando Recording
Demos - Demo 1 - Show Faulty Prediction and Make a Change
- Demo 2 - Build a Pipeline with Jupyter Notebooks
- Demo 3 - Show the Build in Progress
- Demo 4 - Show the Release Process

How To Use

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