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APPS20: Options for Data in the Cloud

Learning Path

Session Abstract

Abstract: Tailwind Traders is a large retail corporation, with a dangerous single point of failure: sales, fulfillment, monitoring, and telemetry data is centralized across its online and brick and mortar outlets. We’ll review structured databases, unstructured data real-time data, file storage considerations, and share tips on balancing performance, cost, and operational impacts.

In this session, you’ll learn how Tailwind Traders created a flexible data strategy using multiple Azure services, such as AzureSQL, CosmosDB, the CosmosDB Mongo API, and more – and how to overcome common challenges and find the right storage option.

Table of Content

Resources Links
PowerPoint - Presentation
Videos - Dry Run Rehearsal
- Microsoft Ignite Orlando Recording
Demos - Demo 1 - Blob Storage Demo
- Demo 2 - SQL Azure Demo
- Demo 3 - Key Vault Demo
- Demo 4 - Cosmos DB DEMO

How To Use

Welcome, Presenter!

We're glad you are here and look forward to your delivery of this amazing content. As an experienced presenter, we know you know HOW to present so this guide will focus on WHAT you need to present. It will provide you a full run-through of the presentation created by the presentation design team.

Along with the video of the presentation, this document will link to all the assets you need to successfully present including PowerPoint slides and demo instructions & code.

  1. Read document in its entirety.
  2. Watch the video presentation
  3. Ask questions of the Lead Presenter

Assets in Train-The-Trainer kit

Get Started

This training repository is divided in to the following sections:

Slides Demos Setup
39 slides, 3 demos 1 automated deployment


The slides are divided in five sections:

Section Slides
What's Important to Tailwind Traders 6-7
Choosing a Data Storage Approach 8-15
Benefits of storing files in Azure Blob Storage 16-21
Moving to SQL Server in the Cloud 22-25
Securely Storing Application Secrets 26-27
Migrating from Mongo DB to Cosmos DB 30-33


Time Description
0:00 - 2:00 Intro to the session
2:00 - 10:00 What's Important to Tailwind Traders
10:00 - 18:00 Benefits of storing files in Azure Blob Storage
18:00 - 24:00 DEMO
24:00 - 28:00 Moving to SQL Server in the Cloud
28:00 - 30:00 DEMO
30:00 - 33:00 Securely Storing Application Secrets
33:00 - 35:00 DEMO
35:00 - 37:00 Migrating from Mongo DB to Cosmos DB
37:00 - 41:00 DEMO
41:00 - 45:00 Resources and Recap

Required Software


What's Here? Pre-delivery preparation, stage ready videos, required files (such as JSON templates), and walk-through videos

Detailed explanations of each demonstration associated with this presentation can be found in this section. There are 3 "live from stage" technical demonstrations that utilize a number of tools both in and out of Azure. You can get a high level overview of the tools and how we will be using them here.

Blob Storage Demo
SQL Azure Demo
Key Vault Demo
Cosmos DB DEMO

Suggested setup to present

You should have a few things open a ready:

  • PowerPoint
  • Browser Tab: Portal Azure Dashboard/ home
  • Browser Tab: Tailwind traders website
  • Browser Tab: Cosmos DB
  • Browser Tab: Key Vault
  • Azure Storage Explorer

Become a Presenter

To become a certified presenter, contact In your email please include:

  • Complete name:
  • The code of this presentation: apps20
  • Link (ex: unlisted YouTube video) to a video of you presenting (~10 minutes).

    It doesn't need to be this content, the important is to show your presenter skills

A mentor will get back to you with the information on the process.

Trained Presenters

Cecil Phillip
Cecil Phillip

Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion

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