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Welcome to the Cloud + AI Localization Community!

Cloud + AI Community Localization Projects - Home

Come join us and help shape the international versions of the Software & Documentation that are used by millions of Developers & IT Professionals! It's very simple! Just follow the instructions below and become part of the Community of Contributors. (Leaderboard)

If you are native/fluent in a language other than English and are willing to contribute to translate or to increase the quality of the localized Open Source products and docs, these are the currently active projects we have available:

Project Platform
More Info and Translation workspace/s Status
VS Code MLCP Contributions are now open in MLCP. You can find more info on the VS Code Localization Project page Dashboard
Azure Data Studio MLCP Project info at the Azure Data Studio page and link to Workspace Dashboard
SQL Tools on Linux MLCP More info on the SQL Tools on Linux Project page - this is the Workspace Dashboard
Team Explorer Everywhere MLCP TEE Project info and Workspace Dashboard
Visual F# and tools MLCP Visual F# and tools info and Workspace Dashboard
Documentation Docs More and more of the Documentation related to Microsoft products is getting hosted on Docs and it's Open Source. Find out how to contribute to and/or improve it today!

📢 News & Events

🖐 Big *Welcome* to the New contributors in August!

A Big *Welcome* to all of the NEW MLCP and Docs contributors in the past month! Thank you all for your help to get OSS Software translated in your language and for improving Docs. See who they are - New Contributors list!

🏆 Huge *Thank You* to the quarterly TOP contributors!

A Huuuge *Thank You* to the TOP MLCP and Docs contributors in the past quarter (Apr-Jun)! Thank you all for your help to get OSS Software translated in your language and for the improved Docs. See who they are in the Top Contributors list!

MT Engine updates on International Docs

In an effort to improve the quality of MT content, we are transitioning to a neural engine, we believe will provide better translations. Contributions to MT content will be temporarily disabled. Read the changes here

MLCP Improvements and Focused list of projects

We are listening. Thanks to your feedback we have made some improvements to the MLCP platform and we are refocusing the list of community projects.

Read the full announcement here

Coming Soon! MVPs involved in Linguistic Quality process review

C+AI International team will start engaging with international MVPs via quarterly Product Group Interactions (PGIs). We will be focusing on Azure and DevDiv products/services/contents in the first two quarters. The goal of the PGI will be to provide MVPs with greater insight on the localization feedback channel for linguistic quality and international experience improvement.

Please join and support this awesome opportunity; your participation will be greatly appreciated! Detailed information will follow in the community localization wiki soon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sarah Han or Evelyn Kim

YouTube Channel

Check out our YouTube channel to watch the recordings of our past Community Calls and for newly posted tutorials!

See Daniel's demo how to contribute to Docs on GitHub! GitHub demo

Hear why they do it

Bruno Sonnino Roberto Fonseca

🥇 Stars of the Month

The Community for these projects has now surpassed 1000 members! You can find the full list of contributors for each project in our NEW powerBI-based Leaderboard.

We ❤️ our Community

Participate in the discussion and/or follow updates at the channels below

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More on our Contacts page

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