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Building Mobius in Linux


The following environment variables should be set properly:



Instructions to build Mobius on Linux are same as instructions for Windows. The only change required is to use the following script files instead of .cmd files:


Running Unit Tests in Linux

Running Mobius Samples in Linux

Same as instructions for Windows but using the following scripts instead of .cmd files:


Note that paths to files and syntax of the environment variables (like $SPARKCLR_HOME) will need to be updated for Linux when following the instructions for Windows.

Running Mobius Examples in Linux

Same as instructions for Windows but with Linux scripts and paths. Refer to following general instructions for running any Mobius application in Linux.

Running Mobius Applications in Linux



The instructions for running Mobius applications in Windows are relevant for Linux as well. With the following tweaks, the same instructions can be used to run Mobius applications in Linux.

  • Instead of RunSamples.cmd, use
  • Instead of sparkclr-submit.cmd, use

If you are using CentOS, Fedora, or similar Linux distributions or OS X, follow the steps desicribed below that conforms to Mono application depoyment guidelines

  • Create a script (referred to as 'prefix script') that will use Mono to execute Mobius driver application. See the for a sample. The name of this script will be used in the place of the name of the mobius driver application when launching sparkclr-submit.cmd
  • Update CSharpWorkerPath setting in Mobius application config (refer to the config files used in Mobius examples like the config for with Pi example) to point to (make sure to set the correct value appropriate for the Spark mode to be used)

Mobius in Azure HDInsight Spark Cluster

  • Refer to instructions for running Mobius application in HDI

Mobius in Amazon Web Services EMR Spark Cluster

  • Follow instructions for CentOS
  • If there are issues with installing Mono following the previous step, consider doing the following to build and install Mono (instructions below are for version
$ sudo yum -y install bison gettext glib2 freetype fontconfig libpng libpng-devel libX11 libX11-devel glib2-devel libexif glibc-devel urw-fonts java unzip gcc gcc-c++ automake autoconf libtool make bzip2 wget
$ cd /usr/local/src
$ sudo wget
$ sudo tar jxf mono-
$ cd mono-
$ sudo ./configure --prefix=/opt/mono
$ sudo make
$ sudo make install
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