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OneNote Assignment Feedback plugin for Moodle
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Moodle Plugins for Microsoft Services

including Office 365 and other Microsoft services

Microsoft OneNote Assignment Feedback Plugin

This plugin provides the functionality related to teachers grading and providing feedback for OneNote assignment submissions. This includes viewing a student's submission in OneNote, creating a OneNote page associated with their feedback on the submission, saving that feedback from OneNote into Moodle as a zip package containing the HTML and any associated images contained in the submission, and recreating the OneNote page from the zip package saved in Moodle if necessary. It uses the Microsoft OneNote API Local plugin to do some of these things.

Design details

Basic design

This plugin follows a design similar to the File feedback plugin wherever possible. It uses the API exposed by the local_onenote plugin to perform most of the OneNote-related operations. Note that the association between an assignment grade in Moodle and the associated feedback OneNote page is loose i.e. the OneNote page may get deleted and it will not affect Moodle since it keeps a copy of the page in a zip package and can always recreate the OneNote page from it.

Use cases supported

  • When a teacher wants to start grading an assignment which allows OneNote submissions, they click on a button in the plugin UI that creates a OneNote page for their feedback using the assignment submission zip package that was submitted by the student via Moodle. Thus, the feedback page starts out looking like a copy of the student's submission and the teacher can add their own annotations either on top of the submission or appending to it.
  • When the teacher wants to save their feedback back in Moodle, they click on a save button in the plugin UI, which results in this plugin downloading the content of the OneNote page, including the HTML and any associated images and zipping them up as a single file and saving it in the Moodle database.
  • If the OneNote page associated with an assignment feedback gets deleted, the teacher can still click one a button in the plugin UI that will recreate the OneNote page from the zip package that was saved in Moodle.

Plugin dependencies

assignfeedback_onenote => local_onenote => local_msaccount


This plugin adds a radio button to the assignment creation form that allows a teacher to specify that the teacher may provide feedback on the assignment submission as a OneNote page.

This is part of the suite of Microsoft Services plugins for Moodle.

This repository is updated with stable releases. To follow active development, see:


  1. Unpack the plugin into /mod/assign/feedback/onenote within your Moodle install.
  2. From the Moodle Administration block, expand Site Administration and click "Notifications".
  3. Follow the on-screen instuctions to install the plugin.

For more documentation, visit

For more information including support and instructions on how to contribute, please see:


© Microsoft, Inc. Code for this plugin is licensed under the GPLv3 license.

Any Microsoft trademarks and logos included in these plugins are property of Microsoft and should not be reused, redistributed, modified, repurposed, or otherwise altered or used outside of this plugin.

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