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# Exmple of creating a SQL Server 2019 container image that will run as a user 'mssql' instead of root
# This is example is based on the official image from Microsoft and effectively changes the user that SQL Server runs as
# and allows for dumps to generate as a non-root user
# Create non-root user and update permissions
RUN useradd -M -s /bin/bash -u 10001 -g 0 mssql
RUN mkdir -p -m 770 /var/opt/mssql && chgrp -R 0 /var/opt/mssql
# Grant sql the permissions to connect to ports <1024 as a non-root user
RUN setcap 'cap_net_bind_service+ep' /opt/mssql/bin/sqlservr
# Allow dumps from the non-root process
RUN setcap 'cap_sys_ptrace+ep' /opt/mssql/bin/paldumper
RUN setcap 'cap_sys_ptrace+ep' /usr/bin/gdb
# Add an ldconfig file because setcap causes the os to remove LD_LIBRARY_PATH
# and other env variables that control dynamic linking
RUN mkdir -p /etc/ && touch /etc/
RUN echo -e "# mssql libs\n/opt/mssql/lib" >> /etc/
RUN ldconfig
USER mssql
CMD ["/opt/mssql/bin/sqlservr"]