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TodoMVC application demo for ng-conf 2015
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NOTE: This repo is no longer updated. Please refere to the Angular2 Quick Start guide at: for a Angular2 + TypeScript sample.


npm install

Note: This demo uses SystemJS and es6-module-loader to transpile typescript files in the browser. It also uses a pre-release drop of TypeScript 1.5.2 from mhegazy/typescript#v1.5-beta2


  • install http-server package via
npm install -g http-server 
  • run server (if port 8080 it taken, pick any port that is free)
http-server -p 8080

install typings (required for design time typechecking in editors)

npm install tsd -g
tsd reinstall
tsd rebundle

update Visual Studio:

Install TypeScript 1.5 or later releases:

update Sublime Text:

If you are using Package Control for Sublime Text, simply install the TypeScript package.

Alternatively, you can clone the repo directly.

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