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@kblok kblok released this 20 Oct 13:09

New Features

Video screencasts API is now stable: Use the videosPath option while creating browser contexts to record videos for all pages within the context.

// With browser.NewContextAsync()
var context = await browser.NewContextAsync(videosPath: "videos/");

// With browser.NewPageAsync()
var page = await browser.NewPageAsync(videosPath: "videos/");

// [Optional] Specify video size; defaults to viewport size
var context = await browser.NewContextAsync(
    videosPath: "videos/",
    videoSize: new ViewportSize { Width = 800, Height = 600 }

New APIs

  • Browser.NewPageAsync(), Browser.NewContextAsync() and BrowserType.LaunchPersistentContextAsync() now support videosPath and videoSize option.
  • New Page.Video property.
  • New Video class
  • New BrowserContext.Browser property.
  • Both BrowserContext.ExposeBindingAsync() and Page.ExposeBindingAsync() now accept a Func<BindingSource, IJSHandle, TResult> to received IJSHandle instead of of serialized values.


  • Driver updated to v0.151.0. See v0.150.0 and v0.151.0 changelogs.
  • Connection won't timeout pending tasks.