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@mxschmitt mxschmitt released this 30 Nov 15:19

Playwright v1.17 updates

Frame Locators

Playwright 1.17 introduces frame locators - a locator to the iframe on the page. Frame locators capture the logic sufficient to retrieve the iframe and then locate elements in that iframe. Frame locators are strict by default, will wait for iframe to appear and can be used in Web-First assertions.


Frame locators can be created with either page.frameLocator(selector) or locator.frameLocator(selector) method.

const locator = page.frameLocator('#my-iframe').locator('text=Submit');

Read more at our documentation.

Trace Viewer Update

Playwright Trace Viewer is now available online at! Just drag-and-drop your file to inspect its contents.

NOTE: trace files are not uploaded anywhere; is a progressive web application that processes traces locally.

  • Playwright Test traces now include sources by default (these could be turned off with tracing option)
  • Trace Viewer now shows test name
  • New trace metadata tab with browser details
  • Snapshots now have URL bar


HTML Report Update

  • HTML report now supports dynamic filtering
  • Report is now a single static HTML file that could be sent by e-mail or as a slack attachment.


Ubuntu ARM64 support + more

  • Playwright now supports Ubuntu 20.04 ARM64. You can now run Playwright tests inside Docker on Apple M1 and on Raspberry Pi.
  • You can now use Playwright to install stable version of Edge on Linux:
    npx playwright install msedge

New APIs

Browser Versions

  • Chromium 98.0.4695.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 94.0.1
  • WebKit 15.4

This version was also tested against the following stable channels:

  • Google Chrome 96
  • Microsoft Edge 96