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PLCrashReporter Change Log

Version 1.5.0 (Under development)

  • Drop support old versions of Xcode and iOS. The minimal versions are Xcode 10 and iOS 8 now.
  • Remove UIKit dependency on iOS.
  • Fix arm64e crash report text formatting.
  • Fix possible crash plcrash_log_writer_set_exception method when NSException instances have a nil reason.
  • Apply bit mask for non-pointer isa values on macOS x64 (used in runtime symbolication).

Version 1.4.0

  • Support macOS 10.15 and XCode 11 and drop support for macOS 10.6.
  • Add support for tvOS apps.
  • Update protobuf-c to version 1.3.2. protoc-c code generator binary has been removed from the repo, so it should be installed separately now (brew install protobuf-c). protoc-c C library is included as a git submodule, please make sure that it's initialized after update (git submodule update --init).
  • Remove outdated "Google Toolbox for Mac" dependency.
  • The sources aren't distributed in the release archive anymore. Please use GitHub snapshot instead.
  • Distribute static libraries in a second archive aside the frameworks archive.
  • Fix minor bugs in runtime symbolication: use correct bit-mask for the data pointer and correctly reset error code if no categories for currently symbolicating class.
  • Add preview support for the arm64e CPU architecture.
  • Support for arm64e devices that run an arm64 slice (which is the default for apps that were compiled with Xcode 10 or earlier).
  • Remove support for armv6 CPU architecture as it is no longer supported.
  • Improve namespacing to avoid symbol collisions when integrating PLCrashReporter.
  • Fix a crash that occurred on macOS where PLCrashReporter would be caught in an endless loop handling signals.
  • Make it possible to not add an uncaught exception handler via shouldRegisterUncaughtExceptionHandler property on PLCrashReporterConfig. This scenario is important when using PLCrashReporter inside managed runtimes, i.e. for a Xamarin app. This is not a breaking change and behavior will not change if you use PLCrashReporter.
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