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Ignore const casting issues in XCode 10 arm64e system defines

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MatkovIvan committed Mar 17, 2020
1 parent 6b38bde commit 16ae832fedd6f85d45390b6c227f867d58933912
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  1. +4 −0 Source/PLCrashAsyncThread_arm.c
@@ -291,10 +291,14 @@ static inline plcrash_greg_t plcrash_async_thread_state_get_reg_64 (const plcras
case PLCRASH_ARM64_X26: return THREAD_STATE_GET(x[26], thread.ts_64, ts);
case PLCRASH_ARM64_X27: return THREAD_STATE_GET(x[27], thread.ts_64, ts);
case PLCRASH_ARM64_X28: return THREAD_STATE_GET(x[28], thread.ts_64, ts);
#pragma clang diagnostic push
// XCode 10 wants non-const pointer for arm_thread_state64_get_* (fixed in XCode 11).
#pragma clang diagnostic ignored "-Wincompatible-pointer-types-discards-qualifiers"
case PLCRASH_ARM64_FP: return THREAD_STATE_GET_PTR(fp, thread.ts_64, ts);
case PLCRASH_ARM64_SP: return THREAD_STATE_GET_PTR(sp, thread.ts_64, ts);
case PLCRASH_ARM64_LR: return THREAD_STATE_GET_FPTR(lr, thread.ts_64, ts);
case PLCRASH_ARM64_PC: return THREAD_STATE_GET_FPTR(pc, thread.ts_64, ts);
#pragma clang diagnostic pop
case PLCRASH_ARM64_CPSR: return THREAD_STATE_GET(cpsr, thread.ts_64, ts);
default: __builtin_trap();

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