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Project Rome

"Project Rome" is a project code name for Microsoft's cross-device experiences platform using the Microsoft Graph. This toolkit, consisting of API sets on multiple development platforms, allows an app on a client device to interact with apps and services on a host device that is signed in with or receptive to the same Microsoft Account (MSA) or Azure Active Directory (AAD) account. This allows developers to program cross-device and cross-platform experiences that are centered around user tasks rather than devices.

Visit the Project Rome landing page for more general information about Project Rome.

See the Project Rome docs for how-to guides and API reference docs that will help you get started integrating Project Rome features into your app.

Project Rome is currently implemented for the following platforms. Follow the links for samples and SDK downloads.

Platform Samples SDK Package
Windows SDK
Android (Preview) Maven
iOS (Preview) CocoaPod
Xamarin for Android (Preview) Nuget
MSGraph (Preview) REST

Project Rome blog posts

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