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Prompts for Education: Enhancing Productivity & Learning

About this Repository

Welcome to the Prompts for Education repository! Our mission is to transform the way students, educators, and staff in K-12 and higher education institutions interact with generative AI technology like ChatGPT and Bing Chat. By using these prompts, staff can save time and work more efficiently, and students can explore new and exciting learning opportunities.

Whether you're a student, a third-grade teacher, a college professor, or a school administrator, this collection is designed with you in mind. No technical expertise required!

Responsible AI with the Azure OpenAI and Bing Chat

At Microsoft, we're committed to the advancement of AI driven by principles that put people first. Generative models such as the ones available in Azure OpenAI Service and Bing Chat have significant potential benefits, but without careful design and thoughtful mitigation, such models have the potential to generate incorrect or even harmful content. Microsoft has made significant investments to help guard against abuse and unintended harm, which includes a registration process for access to the Azure OpenAI Service, incorporating Microsoft’s principles for responsible AI use, building content filters to support customers, and providing responsible AI implementation guidance to onboarded customers.

More details on the RAI guidelines for the Azure OpenAI Service can be found here.

Responsible AI Principles

  • Fairness: AI Systems should treat all people fairly.
  • Reliability and Safety: AI systems should perform reliably and safely.
  • Privacy and security: AI systems should be secure and respect privacy.
  • Inclusiveness: AI systems should empower everyone and engage people.
  • Transparency: AI systems should be understandable.
  • Accountability: People should be accountable for AI systems.

More details on the Responsible AI Principles here.


While the prompts in this repository are designed with care and intended for educational use, users should be aware of potential risks in their application. Large Language Models (LLMs) may interpret prompts in ways that were not originally intended, leading to unexpected or inappropriate responses. We strongly encourage users to customize the prompts to fit their unique contexts, students, and needs, and to review the responses from LLMs for suitability and accuracy. Always exercise caution and professional judgment when incorporating these prompts into your educational environment.

What's a Prompt?

Think of a prompt as a special question or statement that you can give to an artificial intelligence model like GPT. It's designed to provide you with information, insights, or even creative ideas tailored to your needs. It's like having a knowledgeable assistant at your fingertips!

Improved Productivity for Faculty & Staff

Administrators, teachers, and other staff members can utilize these prompts to:

  • Create Engaging Lessons: Quickly design interesting and interactive lessons that captivate students.
  • Answer Student Questions: Provide accurate and fast answers to common student inquiries.
  • Automate Routine Tasks: Simplify day-to-day tasks with ready-to-use prompts.

New Learning Opportunities for Students

Students can use these prompts to:

  • Explore Subjects in Depth: Dive into various subjects with expert guidance.
  • Enhance Creativity: Develop writing, artistic, and critical thinking skills.
  • Personalize Learning: Tailor their learning experiences to their individual interests and needs.

How to Use

  1. Find a Prompt: Browse through our collection (currently a work in progress).
  2. Copy & Paste: Follow the direct link to Bing Chat or highlight, copy, and paste the prompt into your GPT-powered tool.
  3. Apply the Answer: Use the response in your teaching, administrative tasks, or educational activities.



We welcome your contributions! If you have an idea for a prompt, please submit them for consideration.

MIT License

The content in this repository is licensed under the MIT License. This grants you the following permissions:

  • Use: Utilize the prompts in this library for your own projects or educational applications.
  • Modify: Adapt, rephrase, or adjust the prompts to better fit your needs.
  • Distribute: Share these prompts with others, either in their original form or as a modified version.
  • Sublicense: Incorporate these prompts into projects using different licenses.
  • Sell: Deploy the prompts for commercial purposes.

When using the prompts, ensure that you always include the original license and copyright notice.

Note: The content is shared "as is", without any warranties of any kind.

For the complete MIT License text, please see the LICENSE file in this repository.

This project is continually evolving, and we're excited about the potential it holds for improving productivity in educational institutions and offering new, dynamic learning experiences for students. Your feedback, ideas, and participation are vital to our success. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey! Happy teaching!


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