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React Native Test App

Contributions Welcome Open in Visual Studio Code build npm version

React Native Test App (RNTA) provides test apps for all platforms as a package. It handles the native bits for you so you can focus on what's important: your product.

If you want to learn how RNTA is used at Microsoft, and see a demo of how to add it to an existing library - you can watch the "Improve all the repos – exploring Microsoft’s DevExp" talk by @kelset and @tido64 from React Native Europe 2021.

In the wiki, you can read more about the motivation and the design of this tool.

Quick Start

If you want to migrate an existing test app for a library, follow the dedicated guide in the wiki.

Install react-native-test-app as a dev dependency. We will use the wizard to generate your test app:

yarn add react-native-test-app --dev
yarn init-test-app

In this example, we will create a project named "sample" in sample with test apps for all platforms:

✔ What is the name of your test app? … sample
? Which platforms do you need test apps for? ›
    ↑/↓: Highlight option
    ←/→/[space]: Toggle selection
    a: Toggle all
    enter/return: Complete answer
◉   Android
◉   iOS
◉   macOS
◉   Windows
✔ Where should we create the new project?? … sample

Run yarn inside the new project folder:

cd sample

Once the dependencies are installed, follow the platform specific instructions in the wiki.

Configuring the Test App

All configuration of the test app is done via app.json (otherwise known as the manifest). You can learn more about that in the dedicated wiki section.

Additionally, you can find platform specific documentation below:

Known Issues

For a list of known issues and workarounds, please refer to the Troubleshooting wiki.


Thank you for your interest in this project! We welcome all contributions and suggestions!

Take a look at for details.


react-native-test-app is MIT licensed.