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This repo contains ASP.NET Core integration for Service Fabric Reliable Services.
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This repo contains ASP.NET Core integration for Service Fabric Reliable Services.

The Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.AspNetCore.* NuGet packages contain implementations of ICommunicationListener that start the ASP.NET Core web host for either Kestrel or WebListener in a Service Fabric Reliable Service. The ICommunicationListener allows you to configure IWebHost, and then it manages its lifetime.

This repo builds the following packages:

  • Microsoft.ServiceFabric.AspNetCore.Abstractions
  • Microsoft.ServiceFabric.AspNetCore.HttpSys
  • Microsoft.ServiceFabric.AspNetCore.Kestrel
  • Microsoft.ServiceFabric.AspNetCore.WebListener
  • Microsoft.ServiceFabric.AspNetCore.Configuration

These packages are documented here.

Getting Started


Each project is a normal C# Visual Studio 2017 project. At minimum, you need MSBuild 15, PowerShell, .NET Core SDK and .NET Framework 4.6 to build and generate NuGet packages.

We recommend installing Visual Studio 2017 which will set you up with all the .NET build tools and allow you to open the solution files. Community Edition is free and can be used to build everything here.


To build everything and generate NuGet packages, run the build.ps1 script. NuGet packages will be dropped in a drop directory at the repo root.

Each project can also be built individually directly through Visual Studio or by running the solution file through MSBuild.

Binaries in the build are delay signed, these are fully signed in the official builds released by Microsoft. To use the binaries or to run unit tests from the build of this repository, strong name validation needs to be skipped for these assemblies. This can be done by running SkipStrongName.ps1 script available in the root of the repository.

For branches, please see Branching Information


We are currently working on transitioning all development to GitHub. For the time being we are continuing to do our own development internally. Upon each release of the SDK, we will push our latest changes to GitHub. We intend to bring more of our development process and tools into the open over time.

Releases and Support

Official releases from Microsoft of the NuGet packages in this repo are released directly to NuGet and Web Platform Installer. Get the latest official release here.

Only officially released NuGet packages from Microsoft are supported for use in production. If you have a feature or bug fix that you would like to use in your application, please issue a pull request so we can get it into an official release.

Reporting issues and feedback

Please refer to at the Service Fabric home repo for details on issue reporting and feedback.

Contributing code

If you would like to become an active contributor to this project please follow the instructions provided in Microsoft Azure Projects Contribution Guidelines. For details, please refer to


Service Fabric has a rich set of conceptual and reference documentation available at

The ASP.NET Core integration packages are documented at


For Service Fabric sample code, check out the Azure Code Sample gallery or go straight to Azure-Samples on GitHub.



This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

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