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A custom alternative to <select> that uses a div with role="combobox" as an interface along with a div with role="listbox" for options. Supports autoselect but not filtering.


Custom dropdown selection widgets have historically been difficult to implement in an accessible way. The ARIA combobox pattern altered quite a bit from ARIA 1.0 to ARIA 1.1 to ARIA 1.2, and browser and assistive tech support is still imperfect.

Another element of confusion comes from the ambiguity of needing to choose between a button/listbox implementation and a combobox implementation. The native <select> maps to the former on both macOS and iOS, and to the latter on Windows machines. The semantics and behavior in this custom implementation were chosen based on the results of a user study where multiple implementations were testing against eachother. The tested components are in the draft-components directory, and links to the test setup and results will be added soon.

The native <select> is still a much better choice than any custom element. Unless there is a compelling need for functionality that is not covered by the native element, just use <select>.

Design Guidelines

All the usual requirements for form fields apply: label, visible focus state, perceivable control boundaries, etc.

Keyboard Interaction

  • Enter and Space expand the dropdown when closed, and select the current option and closes the dropdown when open
  • Up/Down arrows expand the dropdown and move the selected option up or down
  • Home/End selects the first or last option when open
  • Escape closes the dropdown and reverts to the previously selected option
  • Printable characters open the dropdown (if closed), and select the first matching option


Property Attribute Description Type Default
label label String label string undefined
options -- Array of name/value options SelectOption[] undefined


Event Description Type
select Emit a custom select event on value change CustomEvent<void>

Built with StencilJS

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