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  • Fix cell size issue
  • Refactor _plot* interface to accept all values, for ImagePlot only use last value
  • Refactor ImagePlot for arbitrary number of images with alpha, cmap
  • Change -> tw.create_viz
  • Make sure streams have names as key, each data point has index
  • Add tw.open_viz(stream_name, from_index)_
  • Add persist=device_name option for streams
  • Ability to use streams in standalone mode
  • tw.create_viz on server side
  • tw.log for server side
  • experiment with IPC channel
  • confusion matrix as in
  • Speed up import
  • Do linting
  • live perf data
  • NaN tracing
  • PCA
  • Remove error if MNIST notebook is on and we run fruits
  • Remove 2nd image from fruits
  • clear exisitng streams when starting client
  • ImageData should accept numpy array or pillow or torch tensor
  • image plot getting refreshed at 12hz instead of 2 hz in MNIST
  • image plot doesn't title
  • Animated mesh/surface graph demo
  • Move to h5 storage?
  • Error envelop
  • histogram
  • new graph on end
  • TF support
  • generic visualizer -> Given obj and Box, paint in box
  • visualize image and text with attention
  • add confidence interval for plotly:
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