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Terraform provider for Azure DevOps
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Terraform Provider for Azure DevOps

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The AzDO (Azure DevOps) Provider supports Terraform 0.11.x and later - but Terraform 0.12.x is recommended.

Checkout our Project Roadmap.


This repository is a work in progress and is not yet suitable for production workloads. Community contributions are welcome.

Usage Example

  • Installing the provider
./scripts/          # build & test provider code
./scripts/  # install provider locally
  • Using the provider
# Make sure to set the following environment variables:
provider "azuredevops" {
  version = ">= 0.0.1"

resource "azuredevops_project" "project" {
  project_name       = "Test Project"
  description        = "Test Project Description"
  visibility         = "private"
  version_control    = "Git"
  work_item_template = "Agile"

resource "azuredevops_build_definition" "build_definition" {
  project_id      =
  name            = "Test Pipeline"
  agent_pool_name = "Hosted Ubuntu 1604"

  repository {
    repo_type             = "GitHub"
    repo_name             = "nmiodice/terraform-azure-devops-hack"
    branch_name           = "master"
    yml_path              = "azdo-api-samples/azure-pipeline.yml"
    service_connection_id = "1a0e1da9-57a6-4470-8e96-160a622c4a17" # Note: Eventually this will come from a GitHub Service Connection resource...  


Interested in contributing to the provider? Great, we need your help. Get started by reading the contributing document.

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