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Commits on Jan 6, 2020
  1. [nethost] Adding a port for nethost (#8701)

    3 people authored and dan-shaw committed Jan 6, 2020
    * Adding a port for nethost
    * Fixing ref, removing unneeded include, and marking unsupported architectures for nethost
    * Fixing the expected sha512 for nethost
    * Setting nethost to fail on static and uwp
    * Removing an unecessary file(REMOVE_RECURSE) from nethost
    * update baseline
    * [nethost] Update to latest from dotnet/runtime
    * [vcpkg-baseline] Update baseline for nethost
    * [vcpkg-baseline] Update baseline for nethost
    Co-authored-by: Jack·Boos·Yu <>
    Co-authored-by: Robert Schumacher <>
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