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  • Dates are listed in the "Commits" subtree for checked out PRs

    commits subtree with dates


  • Extension asks for commenting ranges on a file that got deleted in PR. #6046
  • An error occurred while loading the image (renamed picture). #6008
  • GitHub Issue trigger - [ ] does not work. #6007
  • PR Title generation surrounded by "quotes". #6002
  • Unresolve comment does not move focus to it. #5973



  • There's a new command available when a PR description is opened: GitHub Pull Requests: Focus Pull Request Description Review Input. This command will scroll the PR description to the final comment input box and focus into the input box.


  • The at sign after the backquote is converted to markdown. #5965
  • Can height of checks area in PR description have a max. #5947
  • Make conflicts hint actionable. #5942
  • Links with an @ are rendered incorrectly. #5924



  • GraphQL error: Invalid email address on EMU. #5842



  • Experimental conflict resolution for non-checked out PRs is available when enabled by the hidden setting "githubPullRequests.experimentalUpdateBranchWithGitHub": true. This feature allows you to resolve conflicts in a PR without checking out the branch locally. The feature is still experimental and will not work in all cases.

  • There's an Accessibility Help Dialog that shows when "Open Accessibility Help" is triggered from the "Pull Requests" and "Issues" views.

    Accessibility help dialog

  • All review action buttons will show in the Active Pull Request sidebar view when there's enough space.

    Show all review actions in sidebar


  • Show some loading indicator when switching PR descriptions. #5954
  • Many ripgrep. #5923
  • The icon for un-resolve is too close to undo. #5868
  • PR order does not match multi-root order anymore. #5789
  • Handle renamed files. #5767



  • Create PR viewlet clears itself after changing base repository and branch. #5878
  • Field 'mergeQueueEntry' doesn't exist on type 'PullRequest'. #5808



  • The new auto value for githubPullRequests.createDefaultBaseBranch will use the upstream's default branch as the base branch for fork repositories.

  • Outdated comments now show a badge in the Comments view.

    Outdated comment in view

  • Colors for checks and Xs on PR page. #5754

  • Comment threads in the Comments view now have inline actions and context menu actions. Outdated comments have a "Diff Comment with HEAD" action which is particularly useful for understanding what changed on an outdated comment.

    Comment thread context menu Comment thread inline actions


  • Trim leading whitespace in PR description. #5780
  • Flickering When Editing A Comment. #5762

Thank You


  • There is no extension version 0.84.0 because of a version increase mistake.



  • There is an option to choose which email to associate a merge or squash commit with.

    Commit associated with email

  • The setting githubPullRequests.labelCreated can be used to configure the labels that are automatically added to PRs that are created.

  • When the cursor is in a comment widget input, the keybinding ctrl+k m or (cmd+k m on mac) can be used to insert a suggestion.

  • Video previews now show in the PR description.

  • The activity bar entry has been renamed from "GitHub" to "GitHub Pull Requests". The extension has been renamed from "GitHub Pull Requests and Issues" to "GitHub Pull Requests".

  • "Owner level" PR templates are now supported. This means that a PR template can be defined in the .github repository of an organization or user and it will be used for all repositories owned by that organization or user which do not have a repository-specific PR template.

  • Projects can be added to a PR from the "Create" view. Projects can also be added to new issues.


  • [Accessibility] Remove redundant prefix-style info from PR change view. #5705
  • Append PR number to merge commit message. #5690
  • Update with merge commitbutton does not go away despite merging. #5661
  • "Bad credentials" with no additional information to help resolve. #5576

Thank You



  • Suggested changes are not easily distinguishable. #5667



  • Issue queries shown in the "Issues" view can be grouped by repository and milestone using the new groupBy property in the githubIssues.queries setting.

     "githubIssues.queries": [
             "label": "Current",
             "query": "assignee:alexr00 is:open sort:updated-desc milestone:\"February 2024\" sort:updated-desc",
             "groupBy": [

    Group by repository and milestone

  • The setting githubPullRequests.createDefaultBaseBranch can be used to set the default base branch when creating a PR. By default, the branch that the current branch was created from is used (so long as that branch exists on the remote). Setting repositoryDefault will cause the repository's default branch to be used instead.

  • Added files are opened in a regular editor instead of a diff editor when viewing changes in a PR.

  • Merge commits are skipped when choosing a default PR title and description. This is to avoid the case where the merge commit message is used as the PR title and description.

  • GitHub permalinks in comments for a checked out PR can now be opened in VS Code instead of just taking you to the browser.

    Open permalink locally

  • The base branch can be merged into a checked out PR branch from the Pull Request Description.

    Merge base branch into PR branch -The setting githubPullRequests.pullPullRequestBranchBeforeCheckout also has new options to automatically fetch the base and merge it into the PR branch at checkout time.

  • Merge conflicts can be resolved from the Pull Request Description when the PR is checked out.

    Resolve merge conflicts

  • The hover on reactions now shows who left the reaction.

    Reaction hover

  • Issue templates are now available when creating an issue.

  • Setting "githubPullRequests.focusedMode": "multiDiff" will open the multi-diff editor with all the files in the PR upon checkout.

    Multi-diff editor for a PR


  • Comments for not-checked-out PRs should be removed from Comments view when no files from the PR are open. #5619
  • [Accessibility] No alert message is spoken to screen reader when completing a review. #5526
  • [Accessibility] Semantic heading tag is missing in issue and PR webview comments. #5524
  • Custom tree checkboxes have unexpected delayed reaction. #5676
  • Close Pull request Button is not working. #5598
  • Default Create Option: createDraft. #5584
  • collapses an open PR review tree on refresh. #5556
  • Queries apart from "All Open" don't work, output is full of rate limit errors. #5496
  • Opening multi-root workspace triggers rate-limiting error. #4351
  • Narrator is not announcing the state of Expanded/collapsed for "Create with Option" arrow button. #5483
  • Usabilty: At High contrast(Desert) mode for "Cancel,Create,Create with Option" button keyboard focus is not visible clearly.#5482
  • Create-PR view: sparkle icon doesn't visually indicate that it has focus. #5471
  • Unable to select default branch (main) on upstream repo, when working off a fork. #5470
  • Task list checkboxes aren't rendered. #5310
  • Copy Permalink fails frequently, seemingly on the first copy of the day. #5185
  • SCM title menu Create Pull Request action is unavailable when in a Remote window. #3911
  • Scroll position is not maintained. #1202

Thank You



  • Files changed doesn't properly reflect changes against non base branch. #5545
  • Cannot review PRs with 0.78.0 / VSCode 1.85.0, "GraphQL error: Field 'mergeQueueEntry' doesn't exist. #5544



  • Merge queues are now supported in the PR description and create view.

    Merge queues in PR description

  • The new setting "githubPullRequests.allowFetch": false will prevent fetch from being run.

  • Projects are now cached for quicker assignment from the PR description.

  • Merge commit message uses the message configured in the GitHub repository settings.

  • Clicking on the filename of a comment in the PR description will open at the correct line.

  • The repository name is shown in the "Changes in PR" view when there are PRs from multiple repositories shown in the view.

    Repository name in "Changes in PR" view


  • Copy permalink uses wrong repository for submodules. #5181
  • Unable to select a repository when submodules are present. #3950.
  • "We couldn't find commit" when submodules exist. #1499
  • Uses PR template from the wrong repo in multi-root workspace. #5489
  • At high contrast mode "Create with option" arrow button is not visible. #5480
  • Remove PR from "Waiting For My Review" list after I review it. #5379

Thank You



  • Added telemetry for the acceptance rate of the generated PR title and description.



  • Integration with the GitHub Copilot Chat extension provides PR title and description generation.

    GitHub Copilot Chat integration

  • "Project" can be set from the PR description webview.

    Project shown in PR description

  • Pull requests checked out using the GitHub CLI (gh pr checkout) are now recognized.

  • The new "none" value for the setting "githubPullRequests.pullRequestDescription" will cause the title and description of the Create view to be empty by default.


  • Could "Create a Pull Request" make fields within the create-pr view available faster?. #5399
  • Commits view is showing a commit with wrong author. #5352
  • Reviewer dropdown never hits cache. #5316
  • Settings option Pull Branch not honored. #5307
  • Comment locations error messages after deleting PR branch. #5281



  • Unable to Add Comments in PR on fork using GitHub Pull Requests Extension in VSCode. #5317



  • Accessibility for reviewing PRs has been improved. See #5225 and microsoft/vscode#192377 for a complete list of improvements.
  • Commits are shown in the Create view even when the branch hasn't been published.
  • The "Commits" node in the "Changes in Pull Request" tree now shows more than 30 commits.


  • Using "Create an Issue" a 2nd time does not create a new issue, but a with tons of numbers. #5253
  • Add +/- to added/deleted lines in PR description. #5224
  • Duplicate @mention suggestions. #5222
  • Don't require commit message for "Rebase and Merge". #5221
  • Focus in list of changes resets when opening file. #5173

Thank You



  • The pull request base in the "Create" view will use the upstream repo as the base if the current branch is a fork.
  • There's a refresh button in the Comments view to immediately refresh comments.


  • PR view comments should have a maximum width, with the code view using a horizontal scrollbar. #5155
  • Code suggestions in PRs are hard to differentiate. #5141
  • No way to remove Milestone. #5102
  • Progress feedback on PR description actions. #4954

Thank You



  • The "Create" view has been updated to be less noisy and more useful. Aside from the purely visual changes, the following features have been added:

    • We try to guess the best possible base branch for your PR instead of always using the default branch.
    • You can add reviewers, assignees, labels, and milestones to your PR from the "Create" view.
    • By default, your last "create option" will be remembered (ex. draft or auto merge)
    • The view is much faster.
    • You can view diffs before publishing your branch.
    • Once the branch is published, you can also view commits (this is coming soon for unpublished branches).

    The new create view

  • If you work on a fork of a repository, but don't ever want to know about or make PRs to the parent, you can prevent the upstream remote from being added with the new setting "githubPullRequests.upstreamRemote": "never".


  • Quote reply missing for some comments. #5012
  • Accessibility of "suggest edits" new workflow and documentation. #4946

Thank You



  • Github Enterprise Doesn't Show Comments. #4995
  • Buffer is not defined when adding labels. #5009



  • Avatars in tree views and comments are circles instead of squares

Circle avatar

  • The old "Suggest Edit" command from the SCM view now directs you to "Suggest a Change" feature introduced in version 0.58.0.
  • Up to 1000 (from the previous 100) comment threads can be loaded in a pull request.
  • The new VS Code API proposal for a read-only message let's you check out a PR directly from an un-checked-out diff.

Read-only PR file message


  • User hover shows null when writing the @username. #4891
  • Reverted PR remains visible in "Local Pull Request Branches" tab of sidebar. #4855
  • Order of workspaces in multi-root workspace is not what I expect. #4837
  • Reassigning same reviewers causes desync with GitHub. #4836
  • Re-request review from one reviewer will remove other reviewers. #4830
  • Don't reload entire DOM when getting data from GitHub. #4371

Thank You



  • Use supportHtml for markdown that just cares about coloring spans for showing issue labels. CVE-2023-36867



  • TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'number'). #4893



  • We show the same welcome view as the git extension when you open a subfolder of a git repository.

Git subfolder welcome view

  • Improved performance of extension activation, particularly for multi-repo workspaces
  • There are two new actions for viewing diffs of checked out PRs: Compare Base With Pull Request Head (readonly) and Compare Pull Request Head with Local. These actions are available from the PR changes context menu.

Compare changes with commands location

  • The new setting "githubPullRequests.pullPullRequestBranchBeforeCheckout" can be used to turn off pulling a previously checked out PR branch when checking out that same branch again.


  • Bad/missing error handling when creating PR can lead to being rate limited. #4848
  • My vscode workspace sometimes shows a PR from vscode-cpptools. #4842
  • Improper @mentions in comments. #4810
  • Duplicated issues in tree. #4781
  • Element with id Local Pull Request Brancheshttps... is already registered. #4642

Thank You



  • File level comments can be created from PR files.

File level comments

  • We have an internal rate limit which should help prevent us from hitting GitHub's rate limit.
  • All of the places where you can "Checkout default branch" respect the git setting "git.pullBeforeCheckout".
  • Team reviewers can be added as reviewers to PRs from the PR overview/description. Fetching team reviewers can be slow, so they are only fetched on demand and are then cached until you fetch them on demand again.

Show or refresh team reviewers button


  • quickDiff setting is ignored. #4726
  • Overview shows closed instead of merged. #4721
  • 'Commit & Create Pull Request' automatically pushes when working on a PR. #4692
  • PRs for only one repo show in a multi root workspace. #4682
  • Publishing branch reset target branch to main. #4681
  • Old PR editors show error after revisiting. #4661
  • org in issue query causes crash. #4595

Thank You



  • Pull requests can be opened on from the Pull Requests view.
  • Collapse state is preserved in the Issues view.
  • There's a new setting to check the "auto-merge" checkbox in the Create view: githubPullRequests.setAutoMerge.


  • Cannot remove the last label. #4634
  • @type within code block rendering as link to GitHub user. #4611

Thank You



  • Permalinks are rendered better in both the comments widget and in the PR description.

Permalink in description Permalink in comment widget

  • The description has a button to re-request a review.

Re-request review

  • Quick diffs are no longer experimental. You can turn on PR quick diffs with the setting githubPullRequests.quickDiff.

Pull request quick diff

  • Extension logging log level is now controlled by the command "Developer: Set Log Level". The old setting for log level has been deprecated.