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Toogle simple full screen very slow since electron 4 update #75054

isidorn opened this issue Jun 7, 2019 · 8 comments


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commented Jun 7, 2019


Have the following setting
"window.nativeFullScreen": false
F1 > toggle full screen

Wait for 2 seconds -> the screen is full screen.
I can repro 100% of time.

Can not repro with stable, so I think electron 4 is to blame.



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commented Jun 7, 2019

@deepak1556 this looks awfully similar to the native tabs issue, can you check?


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commented Jun 7, 2019

I was able to repo with minimal electron app in 4.x , but it does seem fixed with 5.x and higher. I will try to narrow down the fix

const {app, BrowserWindow} = require('electron')

app.on('ready', () => {
  win = new BrowserWindow({
    fullscreenable: false


  win.webContents.on('did-finish-load', () => {

@bpasero bpasero removed their assignment Jun 8, 2019

bpasero added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 24, 2019

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commented Jun 24, 2019

I have pushed a change to disable support for simple fullscreen for now. We can bring it back after Deepaks fix ends up in a release. I also added the setting to the collection of settings keys we track for telemetry.

@bpasero bpasero modified the milestones: June 2019, July 2019 Jun 24, 2019

Kiku-Reise added a commit to Kiku-Reise/vscode that referenced this issue Jun 26, 2019
fix (#1)
* beautify macos keyboard layout label

* Open folders and workspaces in new windows

* Basic file opening via Open File command

* Update auto detect layout info.

* Respect openFoldersInNewWindow setting for folders/workspaces

* Make openWindow function resolve at right time

* keyboard layout status bar item tooltip

* Move workspace menu and action to fileActions.contribution

* Add clarifying comment on instance service request events

* Fullscreen change event.

* Remove unneeded margin on settings editor scrollbar
Fix microsoft#75724

* fix: microsoft#72626

* Remove extra register of automatic tasks

Fixes microsoft#75758

* remove trailing '/' from repo url for baseFolderName

* handle style-attribute modifications, cache requests in addition to results, microsoft#75061

* fix microsoft#75818

* fix bad tree guide indentation

* remove TODO

* update eslint

* update distro

fixes microsoft#73872

* Revert "Revert "Merge pull request microsoft#75695 from orange4glace/master""

This reverts commit a05e05c.

* Revert "Revert "explorero: file actions disablment no longer needed""

This reverts commit b634152.

* more code insets API tweaks, microsoft#66418

* Alpine build

* Update distro hash

* Remove duplicate cp

* shellscript: Add folding markers

* fixes microsoft#75829

* show setting on windows only

* add ExtensionKind and remoteName propsed APIs, microsoft#74188

* debt - use file service based configuration file service

* fix tests

* debt create configuration file service inside configuration service

* First cut of file service based user data service

* Use user data service for reading settings

* Update distro hash

* add diagnostic tool for git file event issues

* 💄

* Update distro hash

* introduce VSCODE_STEP_ON_IT

* remove env scripts

fixes microsoft#74792

* Update xterm.css

Fixes microsoft#75827

* check if file exists

* remove alert, aria-live will read the content even with no focus

fixes microsoft#41356

* win fix

* 🧀 Fix microsoft#75831

* Add proposed api check for shell API

Part of microsoft#75091

* launch ext host window internally

* EH debugging: support multiple files and folders

* Update distro

* xterm@3.15.0-beta50

Diff: xtermjs/xterm.js@846a189...96eafd3


- Publish improvements
- Layering/strict updates

* Fire onDidChangeMaximumDimension when dimensions are set

Fixes microsoft#73496

* Fix potential race

* Delete cached service worker entries after a short timeout

* Fix webview developer command not being registered

* Re-queue canceled geterr requests before remaining buffers

We should give higher priority to files that have previously had geterr triggered on them but did not have their request completed

* Remove log uploader

Fixes microsoft#75748

* Use localized name for macOS keyboard layout

* fixes microsoft#75856

* User keyboard layout

* simplify common keymap layer

* load user keyboard layout after initialization

* US Standard keyboard info

* better score for layout

* fast return keyboard layout if 48-keymap matches

* a single keyboard event can be a keymap

* switch to user selected keyboard layout

* Have `.get` return promise directly

* Make sure we wait until service worker is ready before creating content

* Add version check to service worker

Try to make sure our page is talking to the expected version of the service worker

* Don't use clone as much

* Move host javascript to own file

* Update distro

* Remove icon explorations before shipping stable

* Move listener to window service.

* Minimap: Render find match decorations, fixes microsoft#75216

* Fix `navigator.serviceWorker.ready` is a Promise, not a function

* Use update instead of manually tring to re-register

* Extract ITypeScript server interface

* extract server error to own file

* Extract server spanwer to own file

* Renames

* Move getQueueingType into class

* Add experimental dual TS server

Fixes microsoft#75866

* Enable "typescript.experimental.useSeparateSyntaxServer" for VS Code workspace

* Remove trailing comma

* Include server id in TS server errors

* Make execute command a configuration object

* Also include format in the syntax commands

* Fix method name

* Renames

* Better encapsulate logic of spawning different server kinds

* some fixes for mac web

* New test runner API for microsoft#74555

* update doc, microsoft#74188

* build: release only iff all builds succeed, introduce VSCODE_RELEASE env

* first version of vscode.workspace.fs

* 💄

* Tasks registration + the local ext host now has an autority

Part of microsoft/vscode-remote-release#757

* Add platform override to getDefaultShellAndArgs in terminal

Part of microsoft/vscode-remote-release#757

* Ensure no trailing path separtor on URIs from file picker

Part of microsoft#75847

* data tree view state should store scrollTop, microsoft#74410

* fix microsoft#75564

* Change promise structure of creating terminal in tasks

Potential fix for microsoft#75774

* do not allow additionalProperties


* explorer: roots forget children on new file system provider registration


* Update max tokenization limit without reload

* Use interfaces for keyboard layout registration

* Separate keyboard layout loading logic for testing

* Test browser keymapper

* unused standard keyboard event.

* Make sure we dismiss the zoom status bar entry when switching editors

* Reduce state

* Added strictly typed telemetry function (microsoft#75915)

* Added strictly typed telemetry function

* cleanup publicLog2 signature

* Extract port mapping helper function

* Re-use extractLocalHostUriMetaDataForPortMapping for openUri

* Also map in webviews and forward it for openExternal

Fixes microsoft/vscode-remote-release#108

* use empty model when content is empty

* 💄

* Update keyboard layout file comments

* Delete breadcrumbs.filterOnType unused setting. Fixes microsoft#75969

* Add quick open/input color registrations (fixes microsoft#65153)

* Update API

* implements ExtHostEditorInsetsShape

* use divs for tree indent guides

fixes microsoft#75779

* comment out more (for microsoft#74898)

* Quick Open > Quick Input (microsoft#65153)

* build - enable language server tests again (for microsoft#74898)

* use polish for wsl1

* move extension kind to Extension-interface

* init log level of remote log service

* Open/Save local commands should not show in the command palette

Fixes microsoft#75737

* chockidar: use polling

* fix build conditions

* xterm fixes for cglicenses

* oss 1.36.0

* workaround for microsoft#75830

* update distro commit

* electron - still call setBounds() as workaround for first window

* fixes microsoft#75753

* node-debug@1.35.3

* remove user data service

* use posix.join

* update doc

* Add -1 tab index to status bar entries

This keeps them out of the tab order, but allows them to be read with a screen reader

Fixes microsoft#41406

* empty view polish labels for remote case


* send remote watcher error to file service (fixes microsoft/vscode-remote-release#329)

* update distro

* better error handling in case of loader error in tests

* fix win 32 bits unit tests

* electron@4.2.5 (microsoft#76020)

* Code-insiders started from WSL doesn't return to console/ doesn't connect. Fixes microsoft/vscode-remote-release#780

* Group decorations by line before rendering

* disable support for simple fullscreen (microsoft#75054)

* telemetry - add window.nativeFullScreen

* move API to stable,  microsoft#74188

* build - add and use --disable-inspect for integration tests (microsoft#74898)

* 💄

* bump distro

* Report workspace stats in shared process

* Make return undefined explicit

* Add missing return

* Use explicit window.createWebviewManager

* gdpr comments

* webkit fullscreen detection

* Fix file name spelling

* update distro

* add logging

* disabling installing extension from gallery when not enabled

* status.workbench.keyboardLayout

* Move Inspect Keyboard Layout JSON to workbench

* return local extension after install

* install deps and packs while installing from gallery

* Fix default shell selector outside of Windows

Fixes microsoft#76040

* Add explicit win32 gheck for using user specific temp folder

* Always use settings UI when querying online services, fixes microsoft#75542

* Disable conpty in terminal when accessibility mode is on

Fixes microsoft#76043

* Move the webviewResourceRoot property to be set on each webview instead of as a global property

For microsoft#72155

This allows  us to potentially change the resource root per webview

* Make RelativeWorkspacePathResolver  a static class

* Use openExternal

* Auto restart when changing  typescript.experimental.useSeparateSyntaxServer

* Fix regular expression for rewriting iframe webview html replacing quotes

* Telemetry Command (microsoft#76029)

* Added telemetry command

* Initial Build support

* Added build logic for telemetry

* Linux Builds

* Windows builds sort of work

* Remove arm telemetry extraction

* Remove alpine telemetry extraction

* Remove accidental s

* More try catch

* Use full resource uri for transforming webview resources

This ensures we still work even if there is no base uri set

* Use outerHtml to make sure we write `<html>` element from extensions too

* Use a regexp that works across browsers

* Implement reload on iframe based webview Elements

* fix various nls issues

* 💄

* add debug output (microsoft#76024)

* Fix tasks platform for quoting

Fixes microsoft#75774

* fix hockeyapp symbols and report errors (fix microsoft#76024)

* update distro

* fix bad watch

* update distro

* Fix drive letter casing on typescript tasks

Occurs when opening by double clicking on workspace file. Fixes microsoft#75084

* update distro

* update distro

* Test remoteName and extensionKind (for microsoft#76028)

* MainThreadFileSystem does not await

* Fix microsoft#76096

* Rename runInBackground to hideFromUser

See microsoft#75278

* Update distro

* Fix minimap decoration rendering on horizontal scroll, fixes microsoft#76128

* Handle windows paths correctly when loading webvie resources

* Fix standard link handler for iframe based webviews

* Mark extensions.all as readonly

This iteration, we marked a few other arrays as readonly. We should do the same for extensions.all

* Fix microsoft#75927.

* Register mouse down on container dom node.

* Make sure we never cancel a request to just one of the ts servers

Fixes microsoft#76143

* Show document link tooltip first and put click instructions in parens

Fixes microsoft#76077

This change also update our standard link hovers to follow this format

* reset listener once users choose a dedicated keyboard layout

* switch to a new layout only when the score is higher.

* Fix kb unit test

* fix microsoft#76149

* web - document some API

* 💄 workbench API

* disable arm and alpine for stable

fixes microsoft#76159

* Fix extra auto complete on fast delete (microsoft#74675)

Fixes #vscode-remote-release/4

* use yarn --frozen-lockfile for builds

* remove `update.enableWindowsBackgroundUpdates` from online settings

* fix microsoft#76076

* revert the change

* prevent product.json containing gallery

* fix microsoft#76074

* fixes microsoft#54084

* Fix microsoft#76105

* fix microsoft#75904

* workaround for  microsoft#74934

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commented Jul 3, 2019

Is there any other way to enable this functionality in 1.36? I understand the concern that the 2 second delay is an issue, but if I only toggle into fullscreen once at the start of the day, I don't mind waiting 2 seconds and would rather that than lose the option to do it altogether.


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commented Jul 4, 2019

When I tested it the delay was easily >5s. I would like to wait for a proper fix.

@bpasero bpasero self-assigned this Jul 4, 2019


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commented Jul 4, 2019

@bpasero You mentioned that @deepak1556 had a fix for this? Where can one follow the progress on that fix getting released and possibly implemented here?


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commented Aug 5, 2019

With Electron update, this seems to work fine again. I enabled this setting again.

@bpasero bpasero closed this Aug 5, 2019

bpasero added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 5, 2019

@isidorn isidorn added the verified label Aug 27, 2019


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Contributor Author

commented Aug 27, 2019

Works great with latest electron, thanks a lot.

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