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docs: fix typo restablished -> reestablished #79129

merged 1 commit into from Aug 15, 2019


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commented Aug 14, 2019

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@DiamondYuan DiamondYuan changed the title docs: fix type restablished -> reestablished docs: fix typo restablished -> reestablished Aug 14, 2019

@bpasero bpasero merged commit 88e7695 into microsoft:master Aug 15, 2019

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VS Code #20190814.42 succeeded
license/cla All CLA requirements met.

@bpasero bpasero added this to the August 2019 milestone Aug 15, 2019

renesansz added a commit to renesansz/vscode that referenced this pull request Aug 19, 2019
Up-to-date with master (#1)
* Use bat on Windows

* debt: use action bar from the panel view

* Fix microsoft/vscode-remote-release/issues/1066

* fix label

* fix: event's jsdoc typo

* Move cleanRemoteAuthority function to common location

* microsoft#78168 strict init

* microsoft#78168 strict init

* microsoft#78168 strict init

* fixes microsoft#77797

* Split formatted text renderer into own file

* Split MarkdownRenderOptions from FormattedTextRenderOptions

* Rename htmlContentRenderer -> markdownRenderer

* web - do not loose state on unload

* open exter - move into opener service

* add extension kind web

* add action only in remote

* Improve microsoft#79047 fix after feedback

* use `vscode-remote`-endpoint when importing scripts

* Added preserveCase in search side bar

* test build schedule

* Revert "test build schedule"

This reverts commit 9d4ba37.

* better check for worker/web extension

* debt - IExtensionDescription#main should be relative like all other file references

* move windowsIPC => common

* very basic support to load multiple files

* microsoft#69108
Move IWorkspaceStatsService to common
Introduce a simple service for web

* Fix microsoft#69108

* tests -remove unused services

* Move getHashedRemotesFromUri to IWorkspaceStatsService

* add and use `getWorkerBootstrapUrl`, don't use default worker factory anymore

* - use strings for view zone ids
- make it unlikely that a new view instance would accept a view zone id from a previous view instance
- remove that the find widget removes a view zone id from another view
(fixes microsoft#71745)

* add `extensionHostWorker` entry point, fixes

* Update uglify-es (microsoft#79044)

* Revert "Work around minifier bug (microsoft#79044)"

This reverts commit 6371cad.

* expose product configuration in product service

* use product service

* Simplify terminal commands

* Improve typings, use async

* uses getSelections and simplifed the return

* Update distro

* migrate keys from legacy layout microsoft#79020

* fix tests

* Register driver

* Teardown on sigint

* Update markdown grammar

* Still show fix all actions for fix-all actions that can fix multiple errors with multple different diagnostics

* Base web user data dir off normal one

* Update distro

* Use new browser none arg

* Make sure we compare fully normalized error codes when checking for fix all actions

* Don't include closing ] in folded range

Fixes microsoft#79142

* Register Remote Explorer when there are contributions.

* Use undefined instead of null in IEditorOpeningEvent and IOpenEditorOverride

* Change openEditor to return undefined instead of null

For microsoft#70020

* Improve jsdoc section of walkthrough

Fixes microsoft#71023

As discussed in microsoft#75033

* Add installer assets for OSS (microsoft#79045)

* Revert "Update uglify-es (microsoft#79044)"

This reverts commit e677c03.

* Work around minifier bug (microsoft#79044)

* debt - avoid some StrictNullOverride

* debt - move issue service out of common since it will not be supported in the web for now

* debt - make diagnostics service only accessible from node

* update distro

* tests - add more debug for randomly failing getUntitledWorkspacesSync

* fix mispell

* 💄

* update distro

* Simplify tasks command

* docs: fix type (microsoft#79129)

* web - add todo for potentially cyclic dependency

* Multi-select in custom tree view (microsoft#78625)

Part of microsoft#76941

The first argument is now the element that the command is executed on. The second argurment is an array of the other selected items

* update distro

* web - enable feedback contribution

* debt - more tests diag

* do not look for executables in web

* Move extension tips service to web and enable extension recommendations

* use process.setImmediate

* minor polish

* fixes microsoft#79168

* fix exports trap

* debug: prevent expression.value being undefined

fixes microsoft#79169

* update distro

* web - implement credentials provider and add API

* web - workaround clipboard issue with selection type

* better exports trapping

* fix process layer-breaker

* debt - avoid process dependency in common

* rawDebugSession: do not use process


* remove proposed API `vscode.commands.onDidExecuteCommand`

* Fix microsoft#79206

* callStack view:  do not show thread when there is only one to be compact

fixes microsoft#79121

* fix compile error

* inline product configuration in produt service

* update distro

* Fix strict error

* fix tests

* Do not expand session tree node when selecting it

fixes microsoft#79184

* Fix issue with CustomExecutions not working through tasks.executeTask (microsoft#79132)

* Do not clear out the map, and track the provided execution during execute task

* Clear provided custom executions map on execution complete

* Save last custom execution

* use safeprocess env

* Remove click code from puppeteer driver, move interfaces to common

* Reduce diff

* fix typos

* web - reuse require interceptor logic

* remove FakeCommonJSSelf

* Fix dispatch keybinding when called multiple times

* Fix layer breakage

Part of microsoft#79210

* Fixes microsoft#78975: Look for autoclosing pairs in edits coming in from suggestions

* Remove smoke tests from CI for now

* Reduce diff

* Add setting to toggle new octicon style

* Update distro

* Move puppeteer to dev deps

* Run smoke tests for darwin/linux in CI

* Make display name consistent

* Fix indent

* Improve token regex

* Add connectionToken

* update distro

* Update search stop icon

* Update checkmark so they look more like a ✓

* introduce RemoteAuthorities

* remote explorer and contribution under proposed api

* Disable smoke tests on Linux

Puppeteer needs special user setup in order to launch

* Strict init


* Strict init and mark events readonly


* Remove extra null checks in coalesce

The type system should catch these now

* Add telemetry+warning for webviews that don't have a content security policy

Fixes microsoft#79248

* Fixing comment

* Update distro

* Update distro

* Don't dispose of added object in already disposed of case

Fixes microsoft#77192

See microsoft#77192 for discussion

* Mark readonly

* Use const enums

* Marking fields readonly

* Remove webview svg whitelist

This is no longer required

* Removing test for disposable store

We have disabled this behavior

* build - disable smoketest

* Enable new Octicons style by default

* fix web platform check

* better worker error logging

* make sure to prepend vs/nls

* 💄

* fix: keep the two "Copy Path" behavior consistent

When using remote, this "Copy Path" function of SearchAction will keep the remote prefix while the FileCommand will not.

Change-Id: Ide00d2da5a695d0adbe87622643c7a600dd46432

* Load Octicons through ts instead of css import

* update distro

* Fixes microsoft#79166

* web - synchronise global state changes

* explorer input black magic

fixes microsoft#78153

* fix microsoft#72417

* Fix smoke tests

* Revert "build - disable smoketest"

This reverts commit c23cacd.

* Scope new variable to a string

* Fallback to default when cwd var cannot be resolved

Fixes microsoft#79281

* fix error when dismissing snippets picker

* add fetch file system provider

* add IStaticExtensionsService, add `staticExtensions` to embedder API

* make staticExtensions optional

* Indicate web in smoke test step

* Update octicon css logic

* Fix Octicon icons on Linux

* debug: introduce data breakpoints

* Introduce and adopt asCSSUrl

* Fixes microsoft/vscode-remote-release#687:
- remove ipc message that passes over the resolved authority
- don't go through the protocol handler when hitting

* Introduce machine overridable setting

* Seti uses TS-icon for jsonc-language. Fixes microsoft#78261

* Pick up TS rc

* xterm-addon-search@0.2.0-beta5

- Better align search with how monaco does it

Fixes microsoft#78281

* Format file

* Update distro

* Remove not null suppression

* Use dispoablestore

* Use closure instead of parameters

* Use type for IExtensionPointHandler and mark array readonly

* Marking arrays readonly in ExtensionPointUserDelta

* web - storage/lifecycle 💄

* Fix microsoft#79326, cleanup rendering Octicons bugs on Windows/Linux

* fix Markdown Preview scroll remains same after clicking on some other link

* Fix trivial zsh completion typo

* Improvements

* Drop Configure Trusted Domains command for now

* 💄

* Drop details & on -> from

* Address feedbacks

* Fix services

* Storage instead of setting. Add command for configuring

* Don't add star to quickpick

* Update UX

* Build errors and test failures

* 💄

* debt - fix some layer breakers

* Added buildReplaceStringWithCasePreserved generic function to be  used in both search side and the find side

* 💄 imports

* refactor: GlobalStorageDatabaseChannel should dependents in IStorageMainService (microsoft#79387)

* 💄

* build - have different worker extension host entrypoint, copy worker bootstrap file

* fix microsoft#76573

* fix path

* update distro

* Localization test fails on remote smoketest. Fixes microsoft#78412

* Fix microsoft/vscode-remote-release/issues/1027

* fix scope when falling back to original load function

* Wording update

* Fix: Markdown Preview scroll remains same after clicking on some other link microsoft#78465

Improves the behavior on how markdown preview behaves when clicking a link

* microsoft#79429

* TSLint: show a warning when accessing node.js globals in common|browser (microsoft#79222)

* trivial first cut

* document where globals are from

* improve rule detection

* fix "gulp tslint" task

* share rules

* enable more rules

* also add a rule for DOM

* Update trustedDomain default config

* tslint - disable some rules with comments (microsoft#79454)

* Drop unneeded action registration

* update distro

* Support using csharp in markdown preview to identify c# code blocks

* sync diagnostics, fixes microsoft#47292

* fixes microsoft#79280

* tests - more diagnostics for getUntitledWorkspaceSync() random failures

* debt - reduce dependencies diff to E6 branch

* update distro

* debt - menubar service should not live in common (microsoft#79181)

* distro

* Unify trusted domain language and use quick pick item id

* Update browser telemetry common properties

* microsoft#79454 Fix warnings

* Fix microsoft#79429

* Fix hygiene check
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