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Quarterly Check-in 2019 Q1


Category Incoming Outgoing
Total issues 63 63
Enhancements 13 8
Bugs 8 12

Work accomplished

The following table highlights important enhancements and bug fixes done in the Test Platform in the given period.

Issue Remarks
#1893 Enable usage for Translation layer across all platforms by adding ability to launch dotnet with vstest.console.dll for running the tests in design mode.
#1792 Allow external use of the TRX Logger as described in #1791.
#1882 Log messages will be printed to all configured loggers, with the build start/completion messages only at normal verbosity or higher, and the IsTestProject property message at detailed verbosity or higher.
#1913 Added Microsoft.TestPlatform.Utilities.dll to netstandard1.5 folder of Microsoft.TestPlatform.TestHost, since this is a dependent assembly to some of the other assemblies in that folder.
#1906 Ability to run NETFramework 3.5 tests in compat mode.
#1843 Made translation layer connection timeouts configurable.
#1881 Avoid usage of JsonConvert in test host process.

Top External Contributors

The following table highlights the top contributors

Contributor Contributions
Rouke Broersma #1893
Morten Nielsen #1913
Adam Ralph #1882

Product Releases

Release Version NuGet Link
v16.0.1 Microsoft.TestPlatform.16.0.1
v15.9.1 Microsoft.TestPlatform.15.9.1
v16.0.0-preview-20190203-03 Microsoft.TestPlatform.16.0.0-preview-20190203-03
v16.0.0-preview-20190201-03 Microsoft.TestPlatform.16.0.0-preview-20190201-03
v16.0.0-preview-20190124-02 Microsoft.TestPlatform.16.0.0-preview-20190124-02

What's Next ?

Here is the list of top issues/ehancements that will be picked up in the next quarter.

Issue Description
#1453 Merge dotnet test and dotnet vstest
#1663 Support wildcards in filenames for vstest.console.exe
#1764 [Engineering] Remove dependencies from Microsoft.Net.Test.Sdk
#1941 [Engineering] Enable dependency flow